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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Love and Me ::

I'm making an effort to put in an entry a day.
I want to make it more personal.
I want it to be more reflective of the day I've had.

Someone asked me today about my past loves.
I replied, "I don't think that my love for any of them ever died or dissipated."
I mean, for all the people I've loved in my love,
I still love them all.
I never believe in a state whereby loving one more means loving another one less.
In fact, there's so much positive energy one can get from loving positively.
"When I love someone, I don't possess," I added.
I wish the best for that person.
And for that three I've committed myself to, including my current one,
I'm glad I'm still in good contact with all of them.
And for those that I've loved and still love,
You know that you're being loved.

So much love in the air today.

*runs away*

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I love you deep deep too..

Haha.. thanks for sharing.. its been a great ride anyway, finding what i really can hold on to.

first time reading u commenting so much abt love.. =0)

In a restless world, like this is.
Love has ended before its, begun
And to many moonlight kisses
Seemed to cool in the warmth..of the sun..

So much love! Hmm, as for your past loves, the fact that you still love them, refers to a different type of love right? More of care and concern for them? I mean to me, thats how it works.

U've got it my friend.
With others that is.

Now the question is:
Do you love yourself enough to ...


hmmm you got me here.
I am not sure.

this question, i got stuck too... keke

counted got 13 loves there :)

yeah, the force of love is very powerful.

Just like i love your left side and right side.

I am sure you feel my love for them everytime we meet up.

agree totally, it is a shame to treat someone whom is so much a part of you (depending on the time spent tog) at a distance after a breakup. I count of of my past loves as my 2 closest confidantes..what else is there to hide?

you forgot your la la la!

love is powerful. romantic love is usually the main event in most people's lives. i tend to focus more on greater love myself.

good vibes in this entry. all the best kiddo

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