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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Nine Million Bicycles ::

Work's piling up.
Boss says he'll talk to Bigger Boss about this.
There's just too many arrows from the various
Layers of the hierarchy.
Meanwhile, the nose's still runny,
But I would think I'm feeling better.

Keywords for the day:
Sewing Machine
Nine Million Bicycles.

And oh well,
Nine Million Bicycles' one of the songs
on the chart with really really
ahem lyrics.

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Hahaha..that song always nv ever did fail to crack me up...always sing it wen im bored...

"there are nine million bicycles in beijing, thats a fact..."

who sang that song?
*hugs* for the stress..

(Deleted comment)
it's actually very easy.
work has been piling up.
my boss knows this and says that he'll tell the bigger boss about this.
this is because i'm getting tasks from the various layers of the hierarchy.
meanwhile, i'm still having a runny nose.
but I would think I'm feeling better.

there are 3 other keywords.
keywords because they mean something to me, and i do not really want to disclose it to anyone else?

for one, ESPRIT, i was referring to the 20th ESPRIT Party but oh well...

anyway thanks for adding !! :D

that song makes me want to use the :S msn emoticon.


Long time no see ... get well soon ah :)

you form 2 slippery tracks for sprinting =)

with periodical resistance. lol.

it is just some corny(?) jokes.

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