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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Runny Nose ::

I'm down with a runny nose.
It made me feel lethargic the entire day.
I bought a chicken pie and some bread from Mobil
So I could skip lunch today, and
Arranged two chairs to face each other
So that I could have an hour-long siesta.
That helped a little.
The long day didn't.
There were many papers to clear,
A long dreary discussion,
And many deadlines to meet.
And some aiming to do.
I was a point short but I passed.
I bought myself a late dinner.
I washed my car.
I watered the bamboo.
I ate my dinner.
Then I drank some coke lite with lemon
(time to buy more)
And ljsurfed.
Ok, midnight's passed.
I shall take some medication, and go to bed.
Goodnight, world.

* Passes tissue paper...

Haha take care and drink lots of water and sleep more...

at least still got $$.
take care... i juz took my flu jab.. *ouch*
get well soon pal!

hey so issit true the flu jabs we get in different countries are different or are they the same? lets say the jab i get in oz, will it work for the flu virus in china?

Take care...
My mum used to discourage from eating chicken when having flu - it prolongs the recovery process..
Anyhow, medication should help, must help..haha..
Recover soon!!

Get Well Soon!! *BIG HUGS*

Coke light? Aiyo, drink water lah. Lots of it.

I like coke light with lemon too...

Well, I know the perfect thing for your flu...

*Dishes out the luohan sashimi*

one gets pretty thirsty after drinking it.
do you feel the same?

its hay fever season, lots of allergens in the air that can annoy the nose...

"I washed my car."

Sick still wash car! Lately becos of the weather, my car can wash itself, i just drive it through the thunderstorms!!


flu jab? .. just in case la..

Having runny nose too. rest well. :)

wildy the (almost) marksman! :D

what's the diff between runny nose and running nose? :]

take care...

I have 5 papers to clear by the next starry filled forum!! Sometimes I wonder how my colleague manages to generate a paper within 2 hours complete with annexes !! ... must be the special Grandeur coffee he is drinking..

erm, focus and dedication?

way to go dude!

*hi fives*