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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Masks, Halloween, Beneath the Layer ::

Coincidentally, a few entries back, I wrote about masks and masquerades.
Then on Halloween night I actually wore a mask for the occasion.
Halloween never fails at Zouk: I was surprised by the great numbers
Who bothered to dress for the occasion.
There were chinese vampires and angels and princess amidalas.
And then there was the sadako-wannabe and the virgin nun, and of course, the freebie.
I must say I truly enjoyed myself; riding high on the atmosphere.

Made a trip to WHATEVER Cafe for the first time
For a whole lot of organic goodness and some divinity.
The magic number's thirty two.
Golden translucent liquid; a wand in one hand and a dish of salt in the other.
With a backdrop of Machu Picchu-esque amidst the vines.
And I would really like to leave it as that, being my journal, for my personal consumption (mainly).
But since I have to pander to my readership as well (*laughs*) I shall write a little more.

Some kind soul got some psychic friends to do a reading for me.
"Your path will open at thirty-two," one quipped.
The other one did a tarot reading for me and shared her vision with me.
"I see a golden liquid form on a pedestal of your heart."
"I see one hand on some staff or wand."
"And it's dipping into a dish of salt on the other hand."
"I see a backdrop of Macchu Picchu but covered in vines."
She concluded that it is of a south american setting.

I know it's normal for one to quickly find an assocation with the vision.
But it's kind of interesting to know that I've actually been to Machu Picchu.
It was the reason why I went to Peru in the first place.
Tabithat impressed, "what's more important than the form are the challenges you'll face."
The Hanged Man (reversed), The Emperor and The Chariot.
Food for thought.

Thirty Two?
Guess I'll just wait and see.
Meanwhile, the journey continues.
Without an end, I say again,
Without an end.

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.. Without an end ? Well well ... *laughs*

.. you are not thirty two yet? oops..

Next yr, dress as Mr Anderson!

Reminds me of The Matrix! :o)

sounds good, let's go next time

you have been to Machu Picchu? i am so envious. is a dream of mine to be able to visit the Incas sites one day ... and the Mayas as well :)

Magnificent Pics!
Anyhow, Halloween never fails to give us excuses to allow us to be or do what we always want to be or do...

on halloween night, can see a lot of creatures of the nites :O

32 could be a beginning of a new jouurney...

I was at the cafe once for a session of angel reading....
She reviewed my past and present....quite a "hair-standing" experience. :)

oo.. i work there.. hehe...

u noe wen they say 32...in fortune tellin..dey're nv quite direct..could meet otherwise...if u noe wat i mean..

Macchu Picchu

It's like been there, done that..But that place will always be special to me too!!

Pauline Lue?

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