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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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(no subject)

:: Pengy ::

I hurt my back this morning, while doing squats.
I have been following this 45-minute one-rep working;
It is supposed to keep my cortisol levels at bay.
Apparently after 47.5 minutes the cortisol levels build up to a point that muscle gains will plateau.
Oh well. The point is: I've hurt my back again.
The last time was during squash.
And that was, like, two months ago?
And yeah, as usual, I got ridiculed for my duck gait.
"March of the Penguins, Part II," the old wise one quipped.

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this entry is just screaming out "suan me"!

I'm used to it.
Continuous training hardens the skin and conditions it for even tougher training!

oh dear. join the club... :P

I just saw a chinese physician opp my place though, acupuncture seems to help a lil

my old injury revisits ....

I find using the infrared heat treatment useful in relieving the discomfort, 15 mins twice a day will help circulation in that area, bringing about faster recovery. Just a thought since u really work that bod of urs ...

Take care of your back! I know what it feels like, when the back hurts... :(

Get well soon!


I think you must have pushed yourself too hard, thinking that you're superman.

Get well soon.

being the Hunchback of Notre Dame is NOT a good Halloween costume idea!
Get well soon!

This is a funny one!


thats preatty hars why do u push ur self i mean i know what ur tryin to do but y? if any one gets bored and wants to talk let me know

aiyoh poor thing... dont exert too much of your back anymore.. not even during XXX with ur dear
give ur back a good rest

Hmmm.. maybe u can tell me how you got hurt doing squats..

Meanwhile, take care... no more gymming for 2 weeks at least

I hurt my shoulder blade (log that in my previous post) early this month. I visited a chirapractor and it helps a lot esp for recovering from old injury. The last time I hurt it (1 year ago), it took me 2 months to recover. You may want to visit a chirapractor. Let me know if you want to and I will pass you the contact.

take care of yourself.. *BIG HUGS*

Take care... The sinseh at Zion Road (Gim Hin) is pretty good and largely pain-free...

"I hurt my back this morning, while doing squats"

i hurt my back dowing sit ups and i didnt really rest and it got worst then.
so be acreful and better give it a rest.
erm.. that means no streneous activities for a while ya! :P

Hope you’re recovering well.
But hey, here’s an idea for Halloween dressup ;P

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Take care.

Thank you leh!

*brings out baseball bat*

Ha ha...

Watch that back when u swing the baseball bat!

There is some truth to the saying "No pain, no gain" but dont over-do it, exercise caution and take care.

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