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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: First Foray into Aura Photography, on a Wednesday Evening ::

Curious me made a trip after my seminar to Peninsula.
Took an aura photo at Ken's Crystals on Level Five.

You show a magical fairy/leprechaun-like face to the world.
People see you as someone living in a somewhat different dimension, or realm,
Not everyday, harsh concrete reality oriented world where most of us live.
Through your imagination and spirtual life you are able to transcend physical reality
And live in a more magical and peaceful place.

You have a compassionate, sensitive, and peaceful nature.
Yet you know how to focus yourself in order to accomplish your goals.
You are a natural teacher, consellor, health worker and parent.
You know how to help, encourage and nurture others with equal amounts of firmness and affection.
People respond to your sensitivity and caring and naturally want to confide in you.
You may find yourself presently in a period of transition and change.

Your future is bound to be thought-provoking as well as highly creative.
Activity generating energy is coming into your field.
This shade of golden orange is a mixture of active red and intellectual yellow.
In this position of your auric field it indicates that a very creative and intellectually stimulating future lies in store for you.
Inspired ideas are already unfolding within you.
You will also have opportunities to enjoy the sensual pleasures and enjoy life as you wish.

What you wish and desire to communicate in your life now are
Messages of peace, harmony, beauty, and spirituality.
Expressin of a higher order is what you most want to put out to the world.
Every encounter is dealt with patiently, calmly and with compassion.
Light colours may reflect in the upper part of your aura photo making it appear whiter.

You desire peace, quiet, solitude and rest.
You also desire to save the world and will work extremely hard
Using all your resources, to promote or fight for a worthwhile cause.
You are a humanitarian, empathetic to the needs and plights of others.
You are sensitive and imaginative as well as practical and pragmatic.
You need to find a balance between the time you give to others and the time
You give to nurturing your own inner and spiritual life.

You have a natural teacher, counsellor, health worker and parent.
You know how to help, encourage and nuture others with equal amounts of firmness and affection.
Presently, you may find yourself to be in a "healing" phase needing time to be alone, rest and recuperate.
Self healing and nurturing is essential for people who are constantly giving to others.
In a love relationship you need a partner who can be equally as generous with you as you are with him/her.

The world sees you as a spiritual healer whether you consciously know it or not.
You glow with a mysterious inner light.
Others know you have tapped into something profound and divine.
YOu have a generally quiet and contemplative nature which has a pacifying effect on others.
Unification and a sense of belonging is important to you.
You probably are not the most ambitious person in the world and are more concerned with having
A pleasant day than amassing great amounts of capital or possessions.
You have the ability to communicate on a deep and meaningful level.
Your sensitive nature sometimes feels overwhelmed by the harshness of the world but once you are able to
Spend quiet time alone, you are able to easily rebalance yourself.

Overall colour: Aquamarine.
"From the centre of your soul you feel a time of peace and healing is at hand.
You may be experiencing spiritual fulfillment and a mysterious "oneness" or "connection" with all other living beings.
You may feel a calm satisfaction with life.
You may wish to relax and contemplate the clouds for a period of time.
Your vacation has been long past due.
You need time now to recharge your batteries.

So much to type.
Had a converation with universe8within and learned something today:
When paid a compliment, just say "Thank You."
There's no need to turn the compliment down.
How true.

Other notable quips.
I'm putting an entry on a thursday again!
Someone lost his wallet!
The keynote speakers for KM Asia impressed.
MI ADIDAS - Wildy Willie

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how much did it cost you ? interesting reading. am quite curious how the photo was taken....

Hmm... I remember someone thought you are the d*vil!!

A gauge but nevertheless, only a guide

downcast eyes in silent speech
knowing not when, to free the leash
The thoughts that spirals in and out
To only within and subtle doubts

i think it speaks truely of u...u are definitely someone i look up to and can feel good abt and be wif... =)

erm, just wonderin if the pic was full body one? or just the upper part?

When paid a compliment, just say "Thank You."
There's no need to turn the compliment down.

Heh... An overlooked fact.

Wow, your future looks very promising.

Erm, ok lah.
I'm taking it with a pinch of salt!

sounds so spiritual to me.

time to recharge batteries. work too stress huh?

oh. enlisting on 8th april. not in scholars batch. sigh.

#&$@^*&^(@&* i would have very much wanted to go to KM Asia

Should have joined me. They featured really good KM speakers!

Not Adam Warlock?
MD = ?

Running (training)?

I still feel a lingering "high" when I recall the conversation yesterday.
You have this thing about focussing on the ONE thing, yet much was shared I think.

Many thanks for sharing.
I learnt a lot ...

PS: BTW, next time can just scan the whole print out. Much easier I think.

What's the ONE thing?
And hey I've got no scanner!

But I think it's worth typing to keep a record of it for posterity's sake.

You will also have opportunities to enjoy the sensual pleasures and enjoy life as you wish.

Err..err.. excuse me.. err.. how .. err

I want that color.

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