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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Rendevous with Fei Fei ::

Dig This!

that looks tentalizing...for someone who hasnt got his supper... =(

I had yong tofu DEEP FRIED until the chilli crumbled and the tofu is crispy.

Yours is just ikan bilis.

GASP - dun tell me you mr fish soup/chicken breast!!!!

hate u...pout*
when i come back, we go eat ok? =p

i still rembr those times where we ( someone ) used to eat fei fei wanton noodles together...it is really nice..:)

my new place is just straight down all the way to the end towards the hospital.
hehe =j

i'd be eating alot of fei fei for supper breakfast and dinner =P

Somehow, feel feifei is overhyped.

Tastes too starchy.

ermm.. those chilli.. not to my liking

a bit overrated these days...

Maybe too many outlet so the standard dropped

i thot you never liked it?

-flips open newspaper-

and i went there for an objective.


i hate u
i want fei fei NOW!



how many abs crunches do you ve to do in order to burn down those fats? :O

i have not had wan ton noodle for ... more than a yr ... =(

Ok lah.
You can have Peking Ducklings...

look so nice! where issit?

Where is it?

Is it nice?

Never heard before leh..

It is not really nice.
To me.

Oh, i just tried it 1mth back. i like it, althought it was alittle salty.

by the way, i have been meaning to ask you, how is your bro? have not heard much abt him for quite a while.