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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Sadako In Slippers! ::

Backdated 7 Oct 05.
After catching the korean horror flick Red Shoes at Cineleisure,
I was surprised to see a mob gather outside.
Was little Sadako in cheapo blue China slippers.
People were genuinely scared, and established a safety zone between themselves and Sadako.
That was simply hilarious!
I went closer and took more pictures.
I managed to capture the face.
Scary deshou!
SMRT should put one in every train for Halloween
That should create a welcome commotion!

I'm coming out of your monitor!!!!

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why is it always a semi-crawling shrivelled figure who badly needs a haircut and change of clothes? -_-

if she was paid better, maybe she would adopt a better gait.

The hair should be longer lah!


hahahh I am loving it. Maybe they will have a Transformer or He-Man version of Sadako.

or have her roaming the stations, esp bishan in the late hours... heh

she'll keep bishan station rather clean and human-free for a week or two.

how come the actress so short one..

so cute~!!!!
aiyo, i missed the chance to take photo with her.. :(

nice one, you should have pose with her!

i wanted to, but she couldn't stop licking my face and trying to scare me!
so irritating!

hahaa, coz u veli the edible ma :P


how come i always miss these wierd moments... hehehe

That movie never fails to freak me out...

hello dear sir. that looks like me on sunday morning.

lol! that's me on night before opening nights

i work in theatre... you know.. opening nights of shows?

oh :D i wanna act for irene ang for theater!

she made me sit thru a screen test once. eek!

it's like i can almost see you in her... if that's you you...

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