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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: A Matter of Perspectives ::


Let's say you are running a race.
If someone takes over you,
Will you put in the extra effort to keep up
Or even overtake him.
Will you just ignore him and
Continue at a steady pace?

Due to the irregular working hours of late
I decided that it was more convenient for me to
Visit the gym at Bedok Clubfit rather than the usual Planet.
At the gym, I immediately noticed the difference.
The kind of gymmers there were different from those of Planet's.
They were younger, as well as older.
They were less sociable; more focused on gymming.
I saw a teenage gymmer being coached by an elder.
And he was BIG for his age.
There was another teenage dude who was benchpressing
Like 80kg excluding the bar!
I stared, agape, for a while.
I could only lift 60kg, at my max.

It was a rude awakening for me.
(Or at least I chose to see it this way.)
Years of gymming has made me complacent
To the point that I may be stagnating and not know it.
There's work to be done. Need to push myself again.

But sometimes, seriously
It's hard to draw the line between
Not Enough

enough is never enough

that staircase reminds me very much of the ACS Dover campus. We had a few stairs like that one.

Hope you're well. Haven't caught up in a while.

This is actually the staircase leading to home.
Inverted though.

I'm always well; just uninert. =)

thanks fer da inspiration. =]

it's only an inspiration if you want to be inspired.
else it's just one of the many silly ramblings from a confused jerk.

If you keep on overtaking taking the person in front of you, at the end of the day will you still have enough energy to finish the race? Sometimes you just have to know where your limites lies and how far u can actually stretch,that is always a hard line to draw..for there isn't a distinct seperation of black and white cause there will always be grey in between.

another view: if you let everyone take over you and eventually no one takes over you, is it because you're the last in the race?

and if that is the case, can you leave with it when you arrive at the end point and realise that the race is over and that everyone has gone home? or worse till, everyone has waited four hours for you to arrive?

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I can't agree more on this one. After some time in the same gym, you become comfortable, and lose perspective. Then again, what is the purpose of going in the first place? Is it to keep fit, or is it to compete with others?

I guess I stagnated in my gym in Singapore, but the move to Shanghai is forcing some changes for me... Kind of like visiting ClubFit for you? :)

It depends whether the competition is healthy. :]

good point; i agree.
whether it is healthy or otherwise is still decided by oneself, and is still a matter of perspectives.


good entry! time to visit a clubfitt! ;)


*sounds the alarm*

Have you visit Kallang Gym before?

..then it would be even more motivating..

If it is not because one of their stupid rules I would be using their gym for FREE!

Still does not make too much a difference for me...

Re: Have you visit Kallang Gym before?

I think Kallang Gym's a little too much.
I recall my earlier days at the gym while I was so puny and everyone else was big and built; it took me some courage to really start a regular gym workout. (not that I'm big now or what)

easier to set your own standards - if you invite competition, or take others as a standard, you'll never be satisfied with yourself... (which is not really a bad thing... something that keeps pushing yourself to improve)

but then, you will never be happy...

we will almost never be happy anyway....

Aren't you already big enough?

Have your own standards...unless u really don't like what u see in the mirror.

Have you ever liked completely what you see in the mirror?

To the point that I may be stagnating and not know it.
There's work to be done. Need to push myself again.

But sometimes, seriously
It's hard to draw the line between
Not Enough

wah..... u produce very useful quotes leh ;p (not copyrighted ya?)

Enough or not - i dunno. But i know it's impt to do your best and keep pushing cos there's no limit. The strongest muscle in the body is the heart.

You can use this and my "la la la" for $0.50 per use.

*notes down*

is winning everything?
it's just like man to be unsatisfied with the things that they have.
standing in front of a mirror, they look and they gawk and they are never satisfied with the results that they get.

different people work out for many different reasons. some work out more cause they want to achieve "the look". some work out cause their friends work out. some work out because they can cruise there...

but by logical theory, the reason for working out is to keep fit. who cares if he carries 80kg and u carry 60kg? does that mean he's any healthier than u?

be happy with what you have. know that you are blessed.

The Devil induced greed and we all abide by it.

tat stairway look damn familiar..feel like i tread on it b4...hmmmm

hahaa..talk abt gyming...nv step foot in it even once in my life b4...i feel intimidated to work around people who are sooo... ya noe...

never too late to start to keep fit before NS calls!

i love your entries..
always do..

you sound like santa claus!