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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Thursday Morning News ::

I am not too sure if I believe in biorhythms,
but for some reason I write more frequently on thursdays than any other days.

Lately I've been feeling like a lighthouse owner of sorts.
Firmed anchored on an island outcrop with my family,
And watching the ships sail by.
It's kind of amusing, initially, to watch.
Some ships sail in a certain regular cycle or season,
And when they pass my way I start to recognise them
And over time we become friends, waving to each other
Heartily, as our paths meet yet again.
While others will sail my way when the skies turn stormy
And seek refuge for a little while
Before carrying on their own little journeys.
And we'll never hear from them again.
Some are questing ships,
with captains armed with a treasure maps
Searching for that island that they'll never find.
Some are cargo ships, with the captains at the helm
sick of making the same journey
Over and over again.
But they know not what else to do.
And some are the getaway ships, filled with partying passengers
On a cruise to nowhere.
And then there are some which are filled with opportunistic pirates
Ready to pounce and seize others' treasures for their own.
And they'll continue to do so, for they're motivated
By the desire to seize and not to own.
And there are the submarines,
Always lurking, moving ever so silently to their objectives
And striking their target with unwavering accuracy.
While most ships are able to weather the sea storms
Some unfortunate ones do, sadly, get shipwrecked
And whatever remnants of a glorious past
Remain sunk for a curious future to discover.

And me?
Firmly rooted.
And still watching.

Maybe I can program an LJ chart to chart everyone's posting behaviour.

Re: This ship has sailed.

Yeah I'm sure you can do it.
There's already one that shows the frequency of post, on an hourly basis...

This one i understand...

... I will always be the ship circling around you and your lighthouse in case you need any help and I need any advice. Though there is not much you could help me with:p

But you know me lah. I always prefer to adopt a happy-go-lucky attitude in life..

Re: This one i understand...

clockwise or anti-closewise?

thursdays are good because they're almost fridays, and every loves that pre-orgasmic period.

after reading your entry, i'm suddenly reminded about a lot of people at work. hahaha =x

Yeah, there's this horrid Miss Noodles that everyone detests....


hmmm aint you the wanderer?

Yeah I wander around the lighthouse and the rocky outcrops.

Shall I go further?

What a useful analogy. =j

i maybe a getaway ship sailing on the same route for many years to come becuz stingy and lazy old starcruise refuses to change route for me...or i maybe a drift wood which hit against ur bank and leans against the light house and watchin the same things u will c forever and ever.

yeah, why not?

a three masted sailing ship following the trade winds to bring back unknown treasures from exotic lands.



hmmm, how do i get on that party ship?

*feeling nauti*

Aren't you the captainess?


let search for the treasure island...60/40 spilts :)

*points north*

There there!!!

i want to be the submarine. when the ship wants to make its way towards the lighthouse, i want to sink it.

Lighthouses are firmly rooted in the rocky outcrops.
Not easy to sink leh?

Don't come too near or you'll get damaged!

By the way, is the submarine Yellow and you have 3 other friends with ya?


always watching ... VOYEUR!

Always watching for lost ships lah!

*brings out rattan*


Stubborn as a rock, i always say.

But I'm on land!

*vehemently protests*

There is much to be acquired out at sea and exploring distant lands...

I rather sink so that i can learn to float. Of cos, it wouldnt be too bad if some wise old chap in some broken down lighthouse would show the way ;P