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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Slaps Oneself ::

When contentment sets in, earth becomes heaven.
We are then in heaven, even if we continue to journey on forth.

It is precisely this contentment with the blue heavenly skies.
In the eye of the storm that blinds us to the impending dark clouds.
We forget that nothing really lasts forever.

Le Temps Detruit Tout.

I better scurry along and move towards my destination.
There destination is always there.
Albeit my awareness.

Driving home, on the AYE last night, it dawned upon me that
I've lost sight of whatever plans I've painstakingly formulated
Before I signed on the dotted line and altered the course of my life.
I've been lazy; I've been procastinating.
There are no excuses.

Precisely because time destroys everything that
We cannot take anything for granted.
What's ours can also be taken away from us.
And I have to make the leap, and should I not be ready for it
Then I jolly well train myself to leap further.
There are no excuses.

It's time to take the rollercoaster ride.
It's only by going all the way up that we get to enjoy the remaining journey.

Here we go!

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never live with regrets.

all the best on your journey. cheers.

the leap of faith is needed as well! :]

The SBJ is my weakest station!

You are leaving us??!!!

hmm.. u have a strong sense of awareness. and the admirable part is that it's systematic, and doesn't seem situational!!

it takes a man to take the ride... and i think u r up for it.

Rollercoaster offers you the thrills but it has its downside too.
Be careful and plan it through your journey. And yet not to be too rigid... life is too short for us to be so rigid. All the best.

I will be one of your station masters...

...in your rollercoaster ride...

Heheh.. and I do not need to fly using wings.. i take the plane..

First seek clarity within, then look without

For the grass tends to look greener on the other side
and reversing is a strangely difficult deed ... then leaping

Whatever you contemplate, I bid you the best.
Let me know, if you'd like to discuss


life is all about risk taking. We should always analyse previous responses in life so as to prevent any hindrances that involves capitalizing into a new situation before we're ready.

this pic reminds me of F.6 mechanics in Physics.

george michael sings: gotta get up to get down.. gotta get up to get down..
enjoy your journey... :)

heya... nice meeting u last night.... added u as a fren... hope u dun mind...

Hey...I appreciate your writings.

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