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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Moo Moo ::

No milk today,
My love has gone away
The bottle stands forlorn
So empty in the dawn...

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hahaha! me thinks cowie will be attracted to this post. :P

'attracted' doesn't seem veri apt here. :P

moof ®! moo's cowies'.

look look! see below. there's demand for milk!!! Time for deliveries milkboy!!! :P

but he'll need your help wor...

Milk pasteurization

Pasteurization is typically associated with milk, first suggested by Franz von Soxhlet in 1886. There are two widely used methods to pasteurize milk: high temperature/short time (HTST), and ultra-high temperature (UHT). HTST is by far the most common method. Milk simply labelled "pasteurized" is usually treated with the HTST method, whereas milk labelled "ultra-pasteurized" must be treated with the UHT method. HTST involves holding the milk at a temperature of 161.5 degrees Fahrenheit (or 72 degrees Celsius) for at least 15 seconds. UHT involves holding the milk at a temperature of 280 °F or 138 °C for at least two seconds.

who is moo's cowies! how come so mani cowies!

I posted the lyrics without realizing that you've posted this!

so coincidental?

*closes eyes, hands above the ears, deep in concentration*

Did you get it?

hahha, i wonder where you got the inspiration from.

was that protest outside the apartment of cowie?

"How could (we) know just what this message means"

-> The bottle stands forlorn, a symbol of the dawn
i am highly amused by this line anyway.

hope the bottle will be sufficed and drop. amen.

*oh...my heidi icon is gone*

hey there's meaning in it alrighty?

*shakes amelie's hands*

*amelingling "sweep" hand off hers*

public service announcement: 1960s version and dance remake [warning: 9 meg file. will remove after 24 hours to avoid killing my bandwidth]

aaaaargh !!!! the song is so fun... shall use this song for my unit's anniversary.....

lalala... the company was gay, turned night into day.....

Erm...i like strawberry milk...?

Reminds me of the milk I used to get when I was in Primary school. The pyramid tetra-pak ones... :P

i remember the rarer yellow ones, for banana flavour.

i always get the chocolate one...courtesy of this girl from the next class :P

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