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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Past The Weekend ::

Maybe I should seriously start running again.

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Blade sounds good!
I wonder if there are blades for hire; my blades have disintegrated literally; the wheels...

looks at something *envious*

look at own bank account :(

*chant to ownself...must work harder, must suck up to my boss*

yes i know!! it's a beaut isn't it? :P *daydreams*

Plastic Interior (Anonymous) Expand
ur garden turned out pretty nice!!

it is still rather small; not what i had in mind.
will continue to work on it.

Nice chow !! Nice stones !! Nice ride !! erm... Nice tummy ?!

where are the empty absolut bottles? =p

sent them back to factory for refills.


jollibean~~~! :p
yup, better start running, else will look like that funny fat statue thingy wor~ haha

hey you remembered!
so smartie pants skirts.

Why do u sumo look so sad...

because he is constipated.

Yo kor, got an a/c already wif layout everything..thankz for introin me here man...although im still pretty much lost.

it's a little harder than blogspot but better interface for commenting methinks.

Nice pics.... looks like ice kachang and peanut pancake... wow. Yummy! Sure knows how to enjoy yr life huh! Ha ha...

the cheap thrills of life....

what effect does that piece of rock have in your little zen garden?
any special power? :)

heh...no need to run lah. this is the season to get fat. im fat, everybody's fat. :)

anyway just found out today that you should be called a Receptarist.


can i have a really-handsome photo of you?

i mean really handsome one.

(must be really handsome one)

do you know about these:



she has a diary too!

(i somehow felt that stuff sold in sg is similar than those in hk, or even more...)

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