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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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A Portal to another MindMap!Singapore, Singapore - A Portal to another MindMap!A Portal to another MindMap!Dallas, Texas - A Portal to another MindMap!Singapore, Singapore - A Portal to another MindMap!Singaporemelbourne, AustraliaSingaporeSingapore, Singaporecritical, SingaporeQueenstown, SingaporeSingaporeSingaporeSingaporeSingaporeMelbourne, Victoria, AustraliaSingapore / Berkeley , CASingapore, SingaporeSingaporeSingaporeSingaporeSerangoon North, SingaporeSingapore      MSNSingaporeSingapore, SingaporeSingapore, Singapore, SingaporeSingapore, SingaporeSingapore, SingaporeSingapore, SingaporeSingaporeSingaporeSingaporeSingaporeSGP, SingaporeSingaporeSingaporeSingapore      ICQSingapore, SingaporeSingaporeSydney, AustraliaSingaporeSingaporeSingaporeSingaporeSingaporesingapore city, SingaporeSingapore, Singapore

weeeeeeeeeeeeee..... I'm on top of tarzansg!

and i am on top of u.....

i dont understand....but i like my name in bold and below hotdoggie

I wonder why some are in bold....

im next to a piece of shit. LITERALLY! LMAO

and i..... "lamp-post'" ah? :o

you're the sausage between the buns.

omg! its damn cool!
got links to the others' Lj as well!

And when you mouseover, you can even tell which part of the world the LJer is from!!!! So cool hor!!!!!

How long did urs take to arrive in ur email box? Mine took more than 2 weeks.

Wah, my name how come so big huh, heh.

you can actually discern some kind of linkage; i.e. friends of each other are placed closed together...

u donated~
And I'm rite on top! whahaha~

Mine vs yours is a big contrast! :O

I do not know how you look like....but were you at citylink last night? I had a "feeling" I walked past you!

eh dude seventh month over oredi la...

I've got a mind map and I dunno what to do with it. What is it anyway?

A mind map is a multicoloured and image centered radial diagram that represents semantic or other connections between portions of learned material. For example, it can graphically illustrate the structure of government institutions in a state. Once a mind map is well-structured and well-established, it can be subject to review (e.g. with spaced repetition). The uniform graphic formulation of the semantic structure of knowledge may help reconsolidation of memories and it is sometimes advertised as a way of increasing motivation to work on a task.

-- Courtesy of WikipedLA

o am i from the bottom of your heart or almost banished outta ur mind :O

yikes!!! why am i right next to shayan???

and Wince is on top of you!