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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Thoughts On Love #1 ::

Love, to me, is dynamic.
One can Love too deeply to Love unconditionally, but idealistically, with a price.
In the first place, the conditions must be right for Love to blossom.
And the conditions must persist for Love to persist as well.
Like the Yin and the Yang.
Love goes on because Love is fueled by the positive factors.
And because there is Love, the factors get more positive in the process.
When there is no fuel, Love dies.
Love can die.
Complacency kills Love.
Complacency kills Love.

:: Thoughts On Love #2 ::

X loves Y because of what Y is.
And because X loves Y, X accepts Y for what Y is.
In a steady state, there is equilibrium.
However, if X changes and/or Y changes, the balance is lost.
Then either:
1. X adjusts expectations on Y.
2. Y adjusts to meet Y's expectations.
Very delicate.
If the seemingly steady state of balance cannot be maintained
The What-If monster manifests.
What Ifs kills Love.
What Ifs kills Love.
So does the mouse who refuses to find the moved cheese.

:: Thoughts On Love #3 ::

Love is independent of Time.

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A very scientific look at love.

1. Complacency kills Love -GUILTY! i am so guilty of it. i am a lazy person by nature. so when i feel much loved, i relaxed and kind of become too complacence. it always kill love.

2. People changes all the time. The changes cannot be forced. it must take place willingly. As a couple, there should be some similarities in thinking & way of life, also each other are kept informed about the life of one another, so therefore the changes will normally take place together for both. :)

3. i use to think love is define by time too. untill me and best friend grew apart. i always try to make it a point to give in to best frd cause i will always tell myself that "we know each others for 7 yrs!". but in these 7 years, we have changed and we are like in 2 very seperated world & forcing myself to constantly accept what i hate about my best frd make me realise i been "trying too hard" & i have to like it go. we are still frds but nolonger the kind of frds we use to be.


so with changes happening all the time can anything really be a constant?

did you wikipedia-ed wilipedia-ed this ah? or is it a song lyric? ;P

Is love dependent of fidelity then?

Depends on who you are asking. :) Let's not confuse lust with love.

love is subjective, hence all your thoughts on love, are erm correct

Hmmm, is everything subjective?

:: Thoughts On Love #1 ::

I agree. "Complacency kills Love." However, love should not be a laborous task either. Love should be a give-and-take, which leads me to...

:: Thoughts On Love #2 ::

Love (all kinds) between people is always very delicate. It is very difficult to maintain equilibrium. This state of equilibrium between two people is at most a fleeting moment in time. The only constant is compromise. Don't get me wrong, compromise is not a negative trait here; but a necessary ingredient to fuel the flames of love as pointed out in #1. This delicacy in compromise is what makes or kills the love. Ego plays a major factor here too. When does compromise encroach ego, and when does ego stamp the love out?

According to the movie "What the #$*! Do We Know!?", as noted in the entry, love is an emotion, and like any emotion, we can get addicted to it. It is through our recognition of this addiction that we can detach ourselves.

:: Thoughts On Love #3 ::

I highly disagree here. I think Love is DEPENDENT on Time. Time heals all wounds, Love fades in time, Love grows over time. The equilibrium happens occassionally in bouts of moments in time and space. It is through time that people try to balance this equilibrium to maintain the love that they share. It is time that either breaks or makes the "game of love."

So if love is an addiction, a "game" or a balancing act, do I still believe and want to seek out love? Hell yeah! The euphoria of love transcends one to heights that no other drug can bring oneself. The equilibrium is a delicate balance, but if both parties are aware of the fact and is willing to take time to understand and is willing to persevere through the occassional momentary hardships, the end result is more powerful and meaningful than the fleeting moment of love itself.

well said, methinks.

Should love grow stronger and weaker just because of time itself? I still dun think so. Love is dependent of things that take place over time, but not time itself.

Maybe I should rephrase, "Love is not directly dependent on Time".

disagree. give enough time, two people will love each other.

i think you're talking about romance, not love.

I disagree.
Two people will not necessarily love each other over time.

(Deleted comment)

Re: To the Love fools....

I think reciprocation is important.
Rather interesting actually; which one would you rank the most impt? The top 3?

(Deleted comment)
i'm with some of the above. love isn't independent of time, it is highly contingent on time... that is, timing.

i guess we all read that line from our own perspective.

If a relationship has reached an equilibrium, there is a tendency for it to stagnate and lead to complacency. Change is not necessary a bad thing either, for the adaptation to each other's needs lead to fresh experiences in life. Time makes and break relationships, but it takes time to really know someone.

But notice that I use relationship, and not love here. Loving someone does not necessary mean you have to be together and being with someone does not mean you love the person. I feel that the thoughts you have are more on relationships.

yeah i think so too.
actually i dunno whether if i'm right or not.
a lot depends on how i want to rationalise and make something neutral right.
the problem comes when i rationalise everything and what's not to be happens anyway.


..finally something I am keen to read on:P

But the sentence that I agree the most is the last one..

Oh yeah.. thank you

Love was when everything started. It's some kinda burning passion which is errected by trust and believe. I think little know what it is...

your sentence is too punny!

i find many things in life too subjective and relative to impose a rigig structured formula on.

I believe all over the world 1 love... LOL....
Maybe it's not so complicated.... :P

Oh you know love?


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