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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Hello World!!! ::

I stay here.
So will the animals.

walao eh so rich stay in private housing. :P~

i was googling singapore and i realised there's quite alot of private housing with swimming pool ah. i managed to find where i live.. and also, to my horror, i found cld see my commando camp! even can see the army vehicles laid out in my camp. terrible.. later terrorist see liao.. how?

i think the pictures are quite dated.
still trying to verify.

Hm... found the next target for my bombing ....*evil laugh

i see a whale in ur pool...O_o

hotdoggie must be swimming in the pool again...

ha! and somebody was suanin me playin around wif google earth... =P

Satelite pinpointing. Amazing..

Eh, not afraid like Starcraft? Nuclear Bomb Detected.

Erm I didnt pinpoint the exact location la la la.

Wah.. can stalk you...

.. do you wear nothing when you are home ALONE?

*plans to kidnap hotdoggie*

Re: Wah.. can stalk you...


can't even see 5% of my dream home...no wonder i m not successful :S

this side of the island got zoo meh?

Monkey and cow a zoo doesn't make. :)

There's a dolphin in the pool

next time invite me over leh.. :p

they're so inventive yeah?
now we can see LKY's house, and the Istana as well.


my pool has two dolphins! LOL!

Oh how do you get this? i wanna try! :)

so cliche, but where walls have ears, skies now have eyes.

"I see the eye in the sky, looking at you... I can read your mind"