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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Rainbows and Waterfalls ::

I ran the tip of my fingers along the skin
And felt the contours of the lost world
There is no sound, or maybe there is
the breath of a distant thunder?
Lips locked, I explored the caves
For the ancient treasure
Alas there was no gold but
Only a wholesome sensation
Of less, yet more
Of empty, yet full
I marked my path
And edged forward
The jungle hides fantasies
That lure and scare
But of course the highest point
Must be the colours across the skies
So I followed the rainbow
And at last found the waterfall

And I was very much alive
In the land of the dead.

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So cheem. Either you just combined a walk in the park with sculpting or you just had very SS with your SS.

(SS = Sensual Session = Special Someone)

yah! i was thinking of SS when i read this too.

ss is good.

maybe it is all in the mind?

I hope i do know exactly what you r implying by that poem

The numbness can be hard to bear.... I supposed ....

Re: I hope i do know exactly what you r implying by that poem

what's numb?

seems like a nightmare to me..

sorry too dense to understand the poem.

I like what you wrote. Kudos to what's going through your head!

my, what lyrical sex you have!

then you must have epical sex!

!! no lair chier, i just have no sex at all. boo...

I'm adding my vote to the intimate touch camp.

for now. don't rub it in.

Germany next week. Switzerland in October.

Brain's rotting. But boss knows of exit plans.

what is the rainbow in this, seemingly, erotica?

I suppose it is just another state of feeling?

I like what your wrote.

But...the last line......

refer to my reply to pinklabbit. =)

VERY curious why this stark contrast?

"And I was very much alive
In the land of the dead."

sounds like literary pornography lol.

actually i am describing the protagonist who's very much alive, with heightened senses in the land of the dead, ie, graveyard, or a place that houses the dead.

hence the contrast.

Yeah makes alot of sense when u are the only one alive among the dead, i get that. But what's your intention? I mean after describing all the wonderful sensations, you suddenly reveal that the subject is in the land of the dead. Feels so singular, almost alone. Somehow i feel i've misintepretated the whole poem -.-

care to shed some light?

maybe it was because i was literally alive in the land of the dead?

*looking serious*

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