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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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:: Thy Sons Are We, And We Will Not Forget ::

Sanson sent me a rare sms to tell me that VS's going coed.
It came as a surprise; something that I've never expected before.
It was only until I went to the Online Petition Website
I realised that the school is apparently on a downward spiral.

While I welcome change and and is ready for it
I do feel inexplicably affect by the proposal.
My memories of VS consist of the prominent
Black and Yellow VICTORIAN PE T-shirt, as well as
The Khaki Shorts.
And the Victorian Challenge.
And my NCC (Land) days.
And the ice jelly at Kallang Bahru Hawker Centre.

I signed the petition.
I dunno what's the best for the school.
But I suppose my memories of my VS at Kallang Bahru.
Mr Sim Kok Heng, Mr Justin Tan, Mr Anwari.
The Indian Rojak store.
And everything that's destined to pass.
Are mine and mine to keep.
And that's all it matters.

And we will not forget.

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pity that my alma mata is heading downwards... I think the spiral started after Nicholas Tang left.

no lah, VS gone down after Tan Teck Kwee went to RI...

I miss Ho Kiat Chong! LOL!

I hate Santok Singh! He is so stern de... but now he is with SPH le... haha

I empathise... Terrible bureaucrats demolishing culture and traditions.
Nothing new there.

as an outsider, i'm afraid i don't understand the significance and "deal" of having the school co-ed.

Wow. Victoria is just behind my block.

then before we know it, they will officially change the lyrics to thy children are we. haha. can still remember those vj girls singing it to thy daughters are we. oh well....

imagine girls wearing that bumble bee t shirt! yeeeeks!

hmm.. but i vaguely remember vs was co-ed many many years ago when they were in jalan besar. hmm.. or was i mistaken? dunno leh.

seriously as a current vjc student i don't see what's the big WOO-HAA abt.
esp when on friday's assembly one whole bunch of VS guys just congregate at the back of the hall during the school anthem to shout "thy SONS are we.." during the morning assembly. i find it ridiculously amusing. i empathise with them. sorry..


Because this is your tradition. This is the foundation that you'll never appreciate until you leave school.

Time honoured VS and other schools with a long history. Who gave any single individual the right to take that away?

That is OUR collective memory. Not the management's.

the word 'management' sounds so carnivale.

haha i used to care very much about AC, but now a lot more cynical & jaded.

still, i couldn't ever imagine ACS as a mixed school.. where would all the gay waterpolo players go?! :P

I am an old boy from VS too. And I have signed the petition.
Nil sine labore!

Thanks for posting this. If i had not chanced upon your blog, I would not have known about these changes...

u were from VS too? VS musn't have girls lah! so salah!!! mr sim was my physics teacher!

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