Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: Today is Wednesday::

Today is wednesday.
Today is almost just like any other day.
Except that I started the day as a driver.
Then made my way to the gym.
temanbaik texted early in the morning.
Apparently there were river taxis to Marina South.
I didn't go.
My back has healed.
Hence I'm back to the gym again.
On the way to gym I was reminded.
The lunch I owed thatkodomo.
I gym badly when I'm unstressed and unfocused.
I forgot I had an allergic reaction to plasters.
The plasters for my back caused an itchy rash.
I hope it'll go away in a day's time or two.
In the meantime my pentax remained hidden.
Until I remember where I left it.
Passed the keys to hotdoggie during lunch.
Lunched at my old neighbourhood.
It has changed so much.
I checked my stocks.
No exciting activity.
I chatted with hosea73, sunisbright and litturateur.
One has the same old Buddha pic. (Kamakura?)
One's a good friend of someone who 'hates' me. (LOL)
One's married to a metaphor. (Tea not coffee)
I did some research on emerging markets for skincare.
Printed some notes.
I sent a few faxes.
cowie's online again.
Implied that f_o_c & stopwatchheart's back.
Then I guildwarred.

I met takira who got me a top-notch staff.
And I proposed to her.
Also met nonkie, photog75 & runecircle.
Everyone's there.
It's thursday already.
Today's thursday.
Just like any other day.
I could just feel it.
For a moment I knew not what to do anymore.
Then I stepped back again.
Goonight world.


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