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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Recurrent Dream, Part Two ::

I am quite sure this wasn't the first time I dreamt of parked cars.
Did a search on my ljarchive and eventually found my entry on 3 Aug 2004.

Here it is...

:: Dreams are what you wake up from ::

Last night I had a dream.
I dreamt that I parked my car in the compound of this large institution.
I cannot really remember what I did in the institution, but when everything ended and I went to look for my car, I could not find it anymore.
All I saw was endless rows of cars.
My car alarm failed to work despite my repeated attempts to press it.
One by one, the cars drove away, yet I could not find my car.
I felt helpless; as if I was stuck at that moment, in that scenario.
The journey ended.

Lately I have been having the strangest dreams.
Dreams of a thousand flowers sprouting from the ground.
They reminded me of a dream I had when I was seriously ill; I dreamt that I was walking in this maze etched onto the floor -- white lines on black marble.
Basically there was no way out.
And I kept walking and walking, trying my best to find the exit.
There was no end to it.
There was another occasion where I dreamt that I was dreaming.
When the dream ended, I was still dreaming.
The sense of helplessness prevails.

I've been vacilliating between the yins and the yangs.
It is never an easy task to draw the line between the black and white (and the shades of gray).
Or to stand untoppled on the balance.
But it must be done.
To me, only when one achieves the art of pivoting that one remains spinning;
spinning to gain stability yet mobile and remaining in fine balance.


Surely I cannot do this alone.
I look around.
How do I discern the grain from the chaff?

How coincidental.
To the point of

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yeah, for the latest dream the car alarm failed to work after a while as well.


too much LOST maybe...


that's quite spooky for a similar dream to occur the same day the next year.

I think the car alarm has something to do with the lack of control.
all pure conjecture.

A bit disturbing, isn't it? Especially if it is recurring...

i ve came across real event that i have dreamt before, however only then when the event had happened, then i realised i had dreamt that before.

i have been having dreams of friends not turning up during appointments, running aimlessly about searching for i don't know what, dreaming i have waken up when i am late...

u know, perhaps it's how we knit ourselves to our lives that reflects in our sub-conscience...?

Even your dreams are as philosophial as your entries.

Read comics - marvel super heroes. Maybe that will dilute some complications in your thoughts.

Not bad, an annual rain check system ;)

You know, if the cars all failed to respond after a while....

you key is out of battery.

Then again, maybe u've already unlocked everything. And its time to pick one, and drive.

Catch up again soon pal ;)

get a new car, trash the old one.

what if i've already gotten the new car?

I dreamt of a maze too, when I was ill. I felt like I was on an exponential curve, getting from infinitesimally small values to staggeringly large values. It felt like a maze of curves I couldn't get out of, after I reached a certain value I would hop onto the next graph with a steeper curve. So scary.

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