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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Frog Prince Ironicals ::

I'd rather be a frog and then a prince
than a prince and then a frog
I may live alone for time can tell
Ugly and forgotten, in my well

But some day she'll come to take a sip
Of the well waters I live in so deep
To my fair maiden I'll croak my song
Of love and beauty for all day long

She'll fall in love for what's inside
The well and then for what's inside
She'll plant her kiss on me and like a wand
Turn me from the ugly duckling into a swan

The happily ever afters will follow thus
And end the markings of the humble past
I'll rule my kingdom with her by my side
And there'll be peace for far and wide

But then what if I was first the prince
I wouldn't even need to convince
Any fair maiden of how good I can be
For beauty and wealth will do, the work, for me

I'll find the prettiest maiden in town
Who looks the loveliest in her gown
And she'll be witty and everything too
The epitome of what the world can construe

But when my cheek the peck she plant
I'll hear an odd noise, like a gregorian chant (!~)
I'll shout and shout and shout and croak
I'll turn from mr charming into a scaly bloke

And she'll probably flee in terror and shock
I'll be lucky if she didn't kill me with a rock
And who will love me as they did in the past?
Even if anyone did try, will it last?

And when the hideous froggy me returns
Back to the slimy well, sad and spurned
The lady who loves me beyond my slime
I will love her back forever till the end of time

Better a happy ending
Than a happy beginning.

-- whimsically summing up the weekend --

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did u write it ? its nice!

yeah while i was typing gaaa gaaa on the msn....


how beautiful. how true.

"better a happy ending, than a happy beginning."

how how true.

(Deleted comment)
then you can live in a tower high high up in the clouds.

Absolutely Wonderful!

"She'll fall in love for what's inside"... as beautiful as it may sound but how many ppl could really see whats inside of a person without first making judgement on the outside? The frog may also died without even being turn into the prince.- negative opinion :P

that's what makes it special mah~

the princess may shriek, ... and the frog doth creep
into her tummy, he might slip.


if she was chinese.


And one full princess, doth we keep.
Filled and smiling, in her sleep.

make it into a song.

you come up with a tune first lah....

i can get my doctorate of music bitch friend to do it. i'll show him yourlines.. seriously.

hip hip hurray!


i like it, it sounds melodious and like a nursery rhyme.

Yeah, very nice i like it

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