Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

:: Project KEO ::

The KEO satellite is a satellite space time capsule
which will be launched in 2006 carrying messages from
the citizens of present Earth to earthlings 50,000 years
from now, when the satellite orbiting Earth will return.
This project is supported by UNESCO
(who voted it Project of the 21st Century),
Hutchison and the European Space Agency,
among other institutions.

Every single human is invited to write a message addressed to the future beings
— the deadline is December 31, 2005.
Messages can be keyed-in on the web, or sent by postal mail.
As well, the organisers encourage everybody to gather messages from children,
senior citizens and illiterates so that every culture and human group on Earth is represented.
The satellite has enough capacity to carry a four-page message from each of the more than six billion inhabitants on the planet.
Once the satellite is launched, the messages with personal names removed will be
made freely available on the web.

KEO will also carry a diamond that encases a drop of human blood
and samples of air, sea water and earth.
The DNA of the human genome will be engraved on one of the faces.
The satellite will also carry an astronomical clock that shows
current rotation rates of several pulsars;
photographs of people of all cultures;
and a "Contemporary library of Alexandria",
an encyclopaedic compendium of current human knowledge.

Write your message here


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