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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Find The Cow ::

If you see it right away, you're among the few who do.
If it takes you a while, don't worry, it's one of those illusions
that are supposed to trick your eyes into not seeing something
that is obvious. If you still don't see it, try standing back
about four or five feet from the screen. The cow's head takes
up most of the left side of the picture.
And it's either looking right at you
Or it has forgotten its handphone.

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I see a cat under the cow's neck :P

got it! the ears are big :)

Well I saw it right away, so what does that say about me? Oh, that I'm gay? Tsk, I knew that. :P

Same here actually, so I guess we're much the same... =P

point is, there's always more than what it meets the eye.


I guess it is also training yourself to see beyond the mundane and the obvious...

gee jiawei looks hideous

never trust a cow with too much milk!
(although the head takes up most of the left side, it is mostly white matter...)

I dont get the phone part though。

the cow is quite obvious, but whats the dark patch on the right ? some ravine the cow's trying to crawl out from ?

I misread your post title and was hunting for a crow, and all I saw was a cow. LOL.

more postings like this please.

i love it, how's your life? how's your brother btw? and anyways... you still owe me a pic! i dunno what u look like!

here's the bigger challenge : now that we all can see the cow, can you tell the brain to see something else apart from the cow?

amazing how the brain can synthesize a pattern from patches, and quite steadfastly holding onto that pattern.

there's more to it, but then i'm unfair.

I was looking more at your picture than the cow-y one. Distractions are bad for a good focus.

cow like never open eye & take pic wor..

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