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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Ready, .... Cheese! ::

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The seventh spell on your list is also the exact same graphic one of the warcraft heros has as a spell. =j

I'm only level 4. YEEEK

oh another guild wars fan :P hey need any help ask from me ya.. :) i've already completed with 3 characters.. now doing PVP-ing...and if u wanna join the SG guild tell yangjian :) we are from the same guild

have u done the tombstone engraving quest?

is that harder than the build-a-rock-garden quest? ;P

i hate all of you who have the time and money to play guildwars!

Tsk, left me out somemore.

you're there... at least, your ponytail and the edge of your cape are there. ;)

i wanna play too.. :(

so fast?!?!?! level 15th liao!?:(
never play with me one lor.....

.. I dreamt of you last night or someone that looks like you and you were singing a very beautiful song and soon i was sleeping on your shoulders...!!!!!

I woke up after that and was trying to find out what's going on .. so i quickly went back to sleep again..as a result i woke up late today and have to skip breakfast to rush to work..

Somehow I knew this is impossible in real life because
(i) I was supposed to take a history paper the next day and I couldnt sleep.. that why you were singing to me.. which is weird cos i dun take any papers any more..
(ii) I erm... not sure about your singing...:P

La la la la la..

Didn't know you are a gamer. Hmm... also noticed your pic changed. All tongue... Mmm.... :)

no teeth to show....


cool, that's a v nice picture taken.
I'm not that far into the game yet

I was trying to get everyone to stand in a line and pose!

......... no wonder it looks so contrived lol.. *covers mouth*
Anyway i'll only play intensively at the end of the year lol. I tried whispering to you just a few minutes ago, but u were not online ^-^

guild wars!! *pulls hair*

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