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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: HYPE Gallery ::

Will this do, drycleanonly?

or this?

I've got a postcard concept as well.
Let's discuss.

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cool post card designs! where can i get those?

haha... multi-talented journeyman! not tat we dun know already tho..
will i get one of the first prints??

have fun with the cicadas!
only realised an hour ago.

hhahaa... muz be mama-miak told u rite?:P

Looks bloody good. *grins*

i am actually quite amazed at the background detailing since last time saw your ship in your showing. I actually tried to trace the lines in front of the monitor. Nah, it's not a maze.

Then last time, i trace it again. still, i find you end your lines very intelligent. Not exactly wrapping around the words levels after levels but cleverly have different sections cut away from each other which looks nice as a whole nevertheless (i always pay more attention to your pic's background).

wow you never fail to amaze me.
like your last postcard!


what so amazing is my having my attention on the background instead?

it's normal to look at something i cannot do right? (= di yi shi jian bu hui xiang dao).

Refer to http://www.hypegallery.com.sg
Let me know if you want to submit an entry as well; apparently it will be featured in a rea

I have finished mine. =)

but not really to be submitted as an entry.
@ my blog.

got any more samples to show?

*mind in black lines*

Nice :)
still wanna scan?

yeah, did it up for ya.
let me know.

i like number 2. lines are fun

nicely done. #1 reminds me of keith haring (they closed the shop in ny this summer -sigh-)

Yeah it was a take on Haring's works; I was aping Haring, hence the term Haring You Ape. =)

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