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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Spontaneous Combustion ::

Was chatting with a friend on the topic of
setting oneself on fire.
Spontaneous combustion.
Very often fires are self ignited.

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Heh, you mean like when you're crazy over some chick and she doesn't even know you exist? ;)

erh.. coz u r too HOT?! hahahha :D

always think so cheem ah...

cool...just like the human torch! ;)

Incidentally, some of my students are researching on "Spontaneous Human Combustion" as part of their chemistry module. Looking forward to receiving their report next week :)

Very often everything is self caused.

(psstt...actually... spontaneous combustion doesn't mean setting oneself on fire. it's a mysterious phenomenon where a person just... randomly burns up, often leaving behind sections of limbs with charred ends.)

more often than not, such fires are all imaginary. the drama, the emergency, the wounds---all imaginary.

ya, i heard of that term before..
but i mean, it's kinda weird how they just start burning right?

wonder if there's a way to control it...
i could do with more roast meat & less people i dislike. :p

(yeah i know thanks... just mixing both.... in fact we went on to talk about how a whole body can just burn itself out and that some research done with a pig has findings pointing to fat as the inductor..... )

no more drama la la la.

*mimics j blige*

all you need is a friendly fireman to put you out. ;)

still surprised by the similarity.


ok i only just understood this...


fire has been put out la...

"pl 231 (call sign for duty officer pump ladder from tampines) to control... stop for self ignited fire... fire involved hot air... fire put out by tlc..."


anywayz i added u to my lj hope u dont mind...


ppl prone to that should stay far away from flammable liquids

*deep thought*

no more alcohol then?


as the saying goes, wanna play with fire, prepare to get burnt... but they didn't mention anything about the consequences of playing with firemen wor... :-P

firemen are supposed to put out fire woah! and they're good. not only do they know how to extinguish the fire, they also know how to take preventive action to prevent innocent people from being hurt by the fire.

do respect ur ever friendly neighborhood fireman...

spank spank...



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