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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Monday Night ::

Monday nights are stay-home nights.
I dun know anyone who does dinner on monday nights.
Rather wrong, no?

But we had our dinner anyway.
caspersg, badnomad and jin_n_juice.
Nice food and nice wine and nice company and a great conversation
turned what was to be a "hey I've gotta go and study for my exam"
to one ending close to midnight.

The word of the day was : prescient.
The quiz of the day was :

You are in unfamiliar country walking on a path.
You encounter a single armed warrior at a fork in the road.
Each branch of the fork leads to a village.
You know that one road leads to a group of peaceful people who always tell the truth and will give you food.
The other leads to a village of congenital liars who will kill you.
The people from the two villages look alike.
You are permitted one yes-or-no question to the warrior and then you must choose a fork and meet your fate.
What question should you ask?


Hmmm,.... very speedo28,
but no movie tickets to give away sorry.

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wah! a honourable mention on your LJ!
I'll spread some love and sponsor 2 tickets for Fantastic Four lah! ;)

do i get free tickets for answering my own question correctly?


we go watch together lah. Fabian haven't watch yet.
another group outing. I *chia* the BMW share. ;)

watching tomorrow you know.


thanks for the invite lor!

okie i think i know this...

aya. just point one direction and ask is ''this where u come from?'' if its''yes'', then that direction leads to the peacful place, and if its ''no'', just take the other direction lo.

coz both guys will say yes when pointing to the safe place ma.

haha. i answered this question when i was in pri 6 over a radio programme leh.

Re: okie i think i know this...

wow wow.... 2 variables, 1 equation. and you figured it out at primary 6.... did you get it by elimination or intuition?

Re: okie i think i know this...

actualli only 1 variable x. The other is just the inverse of x isn't it? :)

aiyo...seems like the ans is out before I can think of anything~

i sort of visualise the quiz is a scene from Guild Wars...a lot of decisions making :O


*brings out frying pan*

monday night... to the club?

oops.. must rephrase me qn. haha~

point to road A & ask, "if i were to ask somebody who is from the other village, 'does this way lead to the peaceful village?', will he say yes?"

if the warrior says "no", take road A, otherwise take road B lor~

whoa, complicated but you should be correct as well...
great job!

was good to catching up. ur question was buzzing in my head at 5 30 when i woke up from a very deep sleep (thanks 2 3 bottles of wine courtesy of jin_n_juice).

ask hotdoggie don work so hard lah.

Yes, very fun evening. I'm exhausted today.. Thanks for the wonderful company.

Oh, I only brought one bottle - the good ones were caspersg's! We must try into_the_wild's Asti some time.

(I will resist the temptation to read the answers to the quiz until I figure it out!!)

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