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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: I Need Love. ::

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ditto, but hugs anyway !!

Everyone needs love babe.

we all do... :)
hug hugz~

Often, the need for love is actually less important that being able to love oneself, and loving others. Once that is done, everything else tends to fall into place... :)

*Shower you with my love*...... :@)

:: we need unconditional love ::

and :: we need to love unconditionally ::

We can have lots of love next week, ok? :)

I need too...even though I have been in and out of it~


no peace comes with love
and no love comes with peace

you'll be ok *smack on back*

::You already have too much of it boy::

:: Who needs love like that? ::

:: Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love ::

:: I Need Love ::
I just tell you how I feel
I just wanna have a love that's real
How can I stop this burning desire

I can see that you are the one for me
You're the only one I really need
I need a love that burns like a fire

All I wanna do is give it a chance
Everybody needs a true romance
I would give anything to be with you

I will give you all the love you need
If you only give your love to me
What would I do if I were without you

I need love
You need love
We all really need love

All I want
All I need
We all really need love
~N Sync

do you really want teenage love?

go look at the mirror and love yourself.
it works, twust me.

hug hug. Self praise is no praise but the best love is self-love.

What is this love thing? Can we eat it?

you need ng need postcard?

Love yourself first! :D

What if love is not enough?

either fight for more, adapt and change to get more,
or be content with what's existing.

point is, we have a choice. =)

That's true. So go out there and make some love!! Wahaha

hugs. brother loves can anot? :P

all sorts of love are welcome.

wah! i also want. all love comes here!!!

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