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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: There is much to write ::

But I can't help but delete everything that I wrote.
All the time.

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hmmm...sometimes its good to let it out?
some of us won't think any less of you, you know?
(copy someone's style) be well, w.

I think I'm just inarticulate.
It's like writing a poem but realise that it is not what you want, and not so much of whether someone will think less of me or otherwise. Sometimes there're thoughts and opinions and blahblah and it is hard to frame it up. or put it down in words. precise and concise. else i'll just rattle on and on and on and ... maybe i should do that.

or maybe i should not.
i can't decide.

too late.

don't write for an audience! down with self-censorship!

philosophically possibly only. we speak to be heard, write to be appreciated.

I have to agree.
And there is nothing worse than carelessly-thought words which may inadvertedly cause unnecessary pain blah blah.


it's a special day for you and me! =)

Courtesy is for free --
Courtesy is for you and me...

create a new identity? and don't add any friends?

you can use private entries for that!!

mr wildy: in you own time.

i get what you mean but it's not about writing in private; i've got private entries too.

it's just that i find it hard to frame. i'm sure you get some of that as well when you try to take pictures....

there's also a certain kind of writing style that each one of us adopts. foc's rather brief, while littleprince's entries are usually poetically forlorn.



maybe you've not found the right time for your inspiration yet then, mr philosophical center. =j

how true. sometimes it just doesn't come together right.

you're not the only one =)

I think all of us have times when we cannot articulate our feelings or thoughts accurately. No matter how we try, it comes out sounding wrong, so we end up not penning them down... :(

especially when it has the potential to hurt, or influence

oh? lemme take a guess. activating vanillaman powers.
do you write to say, or to be heard? if the former, then your deleting says you are trying to make up your mind about (saying). if the latter, then your deleting says you wish to be understood truly, at your own "expense".

be good. maybe this'll help:
i'll quote you, paraphrasing somewhat
"sometimes it's better to just feel"

later gator

u used to much so much so much... haiz.


"much" so much so much... wots dat?

I was susposed to type in 'write' but the much got the better of me. heh.

Eh. ur nick hor... wanted to ask u a long time back ... but nvr did. What does it mean?

A magical cat in TS Elliot's poem. =)

OIC... magical cat! haha.
I should get LEO to meet u and let u teach meow a few tricks then?


haha. dun tease me hor. bad wildy ;p

Dun take it so literally la... *pats*

because i dun know you?
i dun even think i'll recognise you in the streets.

Someday we will.
LJ friendship is nice too.

well, sometimes it's better that way..

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