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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Green Eye ::

Sometimes it is better not to say anything or hear anything;
it is better to just feel.

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....wait, i'm sure you also know that in zen, to feel is to counter one's path to peace.

arg, tough call huh.

yes master.
but that's the ultimate goal, and till i reach that rung of the ladder, i constantly remind myself that i am still human.

but it's kinda ironic.
cos that statement was meant for someone who thought i could never be jealous.
for i never seem to be so.


we all are. and as such, we will all play different roles but walk the same larger path.
like yourself, i search for peace of mind and i can't help "searching" even though i know that searching for enlightenment is like fighting for peace. doesn't work.

"...meant for someone who thought [you] could never be jealous"... over? or by? or about?
and that you "never seem to be so"?

lost in translation. no pressure to rephrase, for you tend to like things cryptic and private. regardless, be well, w.

yeah, lost in translation. =)

next time holler! didn't know you were the organizer.

it leads to green eye? what's about the blue eye?

just take off the blue-tinted contact lenses.

Well the best solution to kill the green eye monster is to think of what you already have in life, maybe things which others don't have. In life its all about balance. Some people may have more of this and some people may have more of that. So just be grateful for what you have, if the thing is beyond your control. Otherwise you could always work harder to achieve your goal as well. :P
Peace Dude.

yeah that's what i think.
there's no monster in me, don't worry. never. =)

but sometimes, though not often, it's better to say something or else your thoughts might not be understood the way you want them to be.

i agree.
and even if the words do not come out the way it was intended to be, the intent should still be able to be felt.

Again, a question: feel with the heart or mind?

I always try to feel with the mind first.
And with time, my heart will start to feel as well.
It has never failed me so far.


who's the one with the green eye?

feelings are dangerous :(

then use it to your advantage!

yup. feel for the rambutans and chiquita. =:D

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