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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: First MMOG Foray? ::

Guild Wars, anyone?

your character name?

another padawan to train?

we ARE already playing... miak... me... and lyph... if he can figure out why he cannot connect to the server :P

This is one of the case when I know buying a Mac will cripple me in some ways.

gaming is the MAIN reason why I din get a MAC...

I'm definitely planning on getting this game once I have a better computer...graphics are awsome, no?

oh dear i'm using a laptop.
hope it's alright.

you are not gonna join the SGA are you?
pls come join us
i will volunteer my monkish help =]

damn it.... why can't i connect on to the blooody server?!?!
so sad...bought it but haven't even started playing yet... sigh.

is this a fun game?....?? hmm...

is there a cd key generator. *LOLZ*

i also want to know if get cd key gen~~~~

i want to play so badly.. but i'm too poor to afford it.. :(

a paladin... :D n looking mighty powerful(high level)

arggg i wan also.... but no i must resist!

w, there's a shop at funan on the fifth floor that sells it. SGD$99. they have quite a few copies left. usually the fler gives me a discount because i always go there. anyway, i think you should be able to find it. and if you cannot, you can text me 90045577 or ask photog.

laptop gaming? hmmm i don't suggest it because laptops are not designed to run for a long time non-stop.

photog, i'm so tempted.... ARGGGGGGGG NO i cannot!!! i need to use free time for other things.

pardon for intruding, works fine on notebooks lah...

just have to tune down the graphics one notch down... not much of a visual difference anyhows?

Hey, I was going to get itafter recommendation by friends. You game?

Resist Resist Resist :P

Well looks tempting

But I will still stick with FINAL FANTASY XI, sunk too much time into it already.
Still very fun

hehe, that's the problem with most online game... PAP! Pay And Pay! The beauty of GW is juz a one time payment :P
good for poor student like me :P

I dun wanna be struck in front of my PC ...

woooo... nice tongue~
wanna let my tongue get to know yours better? :p hahaha~

memememe!! whats ur name