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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: What Were You Doing A Decade Ago? ::

18 June 1995

(Last day of my block leave.)
-- woke up at 9 plus, feeling very shack. Got to go back to camp again.
Perhaps I should see it as something good.... Having to build myself up instead of seeing it as a chore.
Well, X-men isn't showing anymore - it's replaced by Phantom (Purple man) Shiok!
Rayner also showed us the insurance policies - Prudential.
Rayner got me Timberland ..... Good thing my parents are pleased.
With the food and steering wheel ______.
Something's wrong with Hairy, with his eyes and skin.
Hope he's really okay.

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This is very interesting... Out of curiosity, I did "consult" my handwritten diaries, and according to my diary, I didn't put an entry on 18 June 1995.

But I'm sure I must have been busy encoding/decoding in the lab.

However if its a weekend, I'd probably have taken my bike and cycled around the hills in the western part of SG.

Just curious, do you still handwrite your diary entries?
Or is it fully 'virtual'?

Now, its fully virtual. The shift started in 2002. I still have tomes of my handwritten diaries, written between 1991 - 2002, packed in a box, though the frequency of journaling my life (and mistakes) greatly reduced around the time I started working (1997).

The format of my handwritten diaries is pretty much similar to what I am writing now though. An entry captured in May 1995 had - Currently listening to Take That's Back For Good (I'm in love with Gary Barlow).

How embarassing, looking back.

that's a lovely song.
and well, i have always been puzzled by the lyrics of that song....
a "fist" of pure emotion?

oh well.

Better still:

"So complete in our love, we will never be uncovered again..."

Like, WHA?! ....

The only form of diary left would be in the old MOE diaries where I punch in notices of meetings, staff training etc. Here and there I would have something exciting indicated but more routine.

June 18 1995 (Sunday) - MOE Outdoor Instructorship Examinations.

Despite the altophobia, I passed.

does the phobia still exist?

Yes it does. My legs still wobble intensively when I tried to scale a simple to paint the low ceiling of my house. Somehow do not have the feel of having a sense of balance.

it was the last week of my first year at uni
england lost the rugby world cup to nz
n i ironed my pants before going to bed at 12:55am

how did you remember about going to bed at 12:55am?
did you diary it down?

keke, i hav my paper diaries :)

oh? cool, u maintain parallel wif LJ?

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