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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Visions ::

There exists a vision in my head, a vision of floating, of drifting,
in a silent sea, where there are only sounds of the sea.
I see stars dotting the expanse of night, and
the only feeling was the rhythm of the waves
gently carrying me back to shore.
There is a deep sense of homecoming,
the calm desire to return home.
And there is peace.

This, I believe, was captured in Drifting, something I wrote
while I was in OCS, in ninety five.
It marked an important personal milestone of my life,
and what I am today.

"Drifting in the boundless sea
that reflected the twinkling stars above.
Drifting, we shared our experiences
and talked about things like love.
Drifting, we reminisced about our past
and all the little other things.
Drifting, we gazed at the Orion
and wondered what the future brings.
Drifting, drifting, we drift away
from the conventions that tie us down
from the restrictions that make us frown.

Like dreams, we drift.
Drifting, we sail home...."

A sketch of of a page of my doodle notebook, then.
Inspired by iamcrest.

And that feeling has been recurrent for a
better period of my life.

However, somehow, that feeling has evolved,
and another feeling, almost an vision, has been extended from it.
It is a feeling of homecoming, still.
There's still that sense of calm and peace, which is personally important.
I now see the imagery of the sea, the surf, the sun and the sand.
The sun's setting, and while everyone's had a good time and is happy,
the moment will end; yet there is joy.
There's a strong sense of joyous tranquility.
Of the end of it all.

And while this feeling is not summed up a poem,
Stellar Project's Get Up Stand Up and the music video is apt.
Especially the high pitches in the background.

"I feel it fade at night, the sunset,
two moons softly, slowly into the sea
you are the stars on my, horizon
and you are always where, i need you to be

Get up stand up,
open your eyes,
take me to the limit,
never let me go,
don't cry, don't lie,
open your mind,
come and take me over,
make me feel alright"

Of the end of it all.
Perhaps that will be my nirvana.

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i also say. i want to see more of your doodle book, as yours go with thoughts (poems) too, while i cannot). show more when the time comes.

i always pei fu those who can "detail" the background of one's sketch. it reflects the sophistication of one's mind/soul, and the flood of inspiration that one has.

where (URL) can i learn how to write/read a poem?

i also say is to iamcrest.

the rest is to itw.

actually your sketches are lovely as well, and i am best impressed by your lego action figurines and how you use them to portray reality.

and for writing a poem, any lines can form a poem,

as long
as they

the point is: where to cut a sentence in the middle and if 2 lines are supposed to be of the similar length...

but mine don't get ppl contemplating, like exiting the cinema finished watching dead poets society. (that is, i don't get that depth of soul, as others put it. i found this term so apt)

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