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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Rock Garden #2 ::






With a few of these

and a few hours of hard scrubbing and rinsing


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is that ur new rock garden??

unfinished and uncompleted.
it'll take a long long time.

looks nice... Keep up the good work!
: )

That hotdog(gie) pic is absolutely adorable!!!!! *steals it*

Very nice rock garden, that is...

Hahaha! That's pretty cute :)

That's taxpayer's money there =p

HAHAHA! I really bursted out laughing there!!

Now... who's paying the taxes? *looks at checkbk... sob* ;)

u went to a quarry? -.-?

once an idea, now a reality :) maybe can put a star tortise on it and let it be the guardian

WOW what percentage of you rock garden had been covered? Must be really fun to get the whole household involve in the project...

So cute! and sounds like fun!
We must try it one day!!

so have u absorbed the ZEN power? lookslike u can conquer everybody now;)

pretty looking rock garden -
so if you water the rocks everyday do you get more rocks? (or do you need to add fertiliser (sand?) too?)

do you have a layout sketch?
more pix please?

hahah. nice illustrated journey

why u wanna eat that doggie?! so poor thing... haha~

so AC! hahaha
you are supposed to wait for me to help!

how about 1 photo for everyone of us?

Rock garden project looks good, when will the baboo grow?

so when's the zen party?

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