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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: The Beauty of Star Wars : The Force May Be With Zen ::

After the extreme weeklong marathon of following the SW journey from episode one to six in the rightful order,
(Alright, I didn't see One and Four this time as temanbaik did but I think I did good enough.)
I think I may have unravelled my mystery of SW.
I'm never a SW fan, and unlike the fantasy of elves and magic, space and the galatica seemed banal.
So, haven't ever watched Five and Six, the past few days have been a relevation.
Especially the concluding Six.
Captivated I was to the last fight scene where Son meets Father.
And of course, the Emperor.
Emperor says he's defenseless, and if Luke slays him via his hatred he will be converted.
Luke, gaining strength via hatred, relents, and instead decides to choose inaction.
And with inaction, he indirectly compels the Oedipus in Father Vader to take action.

Two things resonate.

One. That Luke, by choosing inaction (there are three choices: action, inaction and indecision) made the right decision.
Thus, in my translation, sometimes in life there is a need to let go and to understand that sometimes one is powerless against certain aspects of life, and all one can do is to trust time and let nature shape the future.
The trick is to know when to act, not to act, and not to decide.

Two. That atonement is no more than the abandonment of that self-generating double monster - the superego (God) and the repress id (Sin).
But this requires the abandonment of the attachment to ego itself.
That is the difficult part.
One must have faith that the father is merciful, and then a reliance on that mercy.

La la la.

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one of those things i admire :)

the first point is indeed a revelation to you. (no sarcasm or ill intention meant!)

just curious.
how would you know that?

most leaders like to be in control all the time ...

does that make me a control freak?

i'm not sure. but i think you know the answer. :)

quick! you must tell me if i am a control freak! (control mode)

*laughing at the self-fulfilling prophecy*

"the trick is to know when to act..."

i take it that you believe in faith over fate. i've always thought you to be one that believes in fate over faith. though, that can be a bit fatalistic too. heh!

no need to blow it off with "la la la". i totally get what you're saying. :>

be well, w

no wonder you want a ZEN garden to absorb the power...;)

and now i have the ZEN micro!


I have gone through reviews and almost lectures about it... and I still am not turned on at all...

I'm not turned on.
I'm just fascinated (or even awed) by the complex nature of the force and the sith.
Not the movie and the light sabres. =)

Hey, are you referring to the Force as Superego and Sith as Id? Or the Jedi path as Superego, Force as ego and Sith as Id?

I don't quite understand leh. Wouldn't the best atonement be that of a perfect balance between Superego and Id (& strong attachment to ego)? I'm not sure how it works but did i miss the point?

Can explain? Hahaha!

I suppose it can be seen that way as well... finding a balance between the superego and the id, but methinks Freud sees one main entity in control and thus abandonment seemed a better way to describe it. But I get your point =)

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