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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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(no subject)

:: #RockGarden ::

Task 1: to create the backdrop of a bamboo grove (completed)
Task 2: to ascertain that mould will not thrive on the gravel (completed)
Task 3: to get more gravel and experiment with a mini rock garden
Task 4: to create a rock outcrop
Task 5: to create the wave patterns
Task 6: to expand the garden to cover the desired area
Task 7: to amalgamate the rock garden, the bamboo area and the lotus pond together

To get

I have this but

I will need (preferably, if free)


and of course,

Any advice on how to get the granite chips?
And the rock as well?

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wow:0 didnt know you are so sound in lanscaping...there's a granite mine behind my place:)

Where is ya place? I'm also looking for rocks for a rock garden...

let's go get it tomorrow!

near to ten mile junction towards the direction of woodlands and it's along the right hand side...the granite hill is obvious.

looks forward to have a party at your exotic gardens:)

see? if you had a 206cc the granite wun fit in the trunk...

i could always open the top and have no height restrictions...

LTA fines lorry drivers like you for scattering debris on our roads...

eh... ur place got space to put all that meh?!
zen rock garden, lotus pond, bamboo patch... are u planning to build a monastary next?!

i'll invite you to be my first abbot.

thanks but i'm not old enuff..

we can dye your hair white.

That will be sooooo coool!!! init!? init?!
*off bimbo mode*

err.. sorry i got no hair liao..:P

is this all metaphorical?

in this instance, nope.
but of course it can be perceived in that way as well.

bamboo and lotus pond in rock garden. very zen!

even God took 6 days to create the universe, rock gardens take a little longer to grow.

(there is a field of granite chips, pebbles outside one of the LengKee car showrooms.)

where specifically?


opp my place (dawson place), right next to the bus stop.
Its the Komoco Motors building.

If I'm not wrong, can get granite chips and stones from the nurseries along Thomson Road.

i want one please. i like this kind of things.

got free ones?
just ordinary grey granite chips....

the nurseries charge $16-18 for those coloured ones... no need those.

(Deleted comment)
you might wanna check out this place: http://www.streetdirectory.com.sg/singaporemap/singaporemap.php?buildingid=2703&masterid=121815
Its a family-run biz so find one of the gals, flirt & get great discounts!

I've saw lots of granite chips in wallaby..he he maybe u can find some officer to force all their man to bring back one bag each..then its imported for free ...:P

Quote - Any advice on how to get the granite chips?

Answer - steal. Lots of em lying by the roadside. Try punggol marina.

the Japanese gardens I went to recently in Fort Worth had a nice rock garden like that! It was nice.

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