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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Opportunity Costs ::

I'll settle for my trusty ol' Impreza.
The ignition problem still persists, albeit once in a blue moon.
The aircon could be better.
The sound dampening's terrible.
And just now, temanbaik pointed out to me the squeaky noise when I step on the clutch.
I've been so used to the noise that I didn't even notice it.
But it's been paid. It's at my disposal for the next six years anyway.
Else a 206cc = supposed $800 x 12 x 6 = $57600.
That's a lot of money. And imagine what $57600 can do.

Opportunity costs.
Buying a house, going on a tour, getting the ipod, blah blah.
For what we have invested in, could have been better invested elsewhere.
The money saved from not getting the car could have been used in other ways.
And of course, the opportunity cost is the (perceived) joy and happiness that could have been derived from the car.
Will I ever know?
I won't.

Like so many other things.
Is this the best one for me?
Do I deserve something better?
What if? And What if? And then What if?
It never ends.

Recollect: 17 Feb 2005
Having said I said that,
There's no time to waste
(on rhymes and embellishments).
The journey must go on.

And with a backward glance,
And a tinge of what-ifs vapourising in the rising sun,
I walk on forth.
Wonder what's over that hill.

I'll put the savings in a separate bank account.
And I'll be content.
For how long, I dunno.
For I dunno what's over that hill, after all.
No one knows.

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yup make the best choice you could at that point in time, be satisfied and move on.

You know my opinion on this :)

>>Opportunity costs.
>>Buying a house, going on a tour, getting the ipod, blah blah.

Been there, done that.
The truth? In the end
Same difference, change of style.

All these things doesn't keep one happy. Something else does.

I think such things apply differently to different people.

at least you paid your impreza already...i am stilling owing my mine to the bank:( i guess we wanna maximize the satisfaction in spending our $&c as much as we can.

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