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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: And I Was Meant For You ::

I see my watch, it's six p.m.
I feel so good at the start of weekend.
I water the bamboo and I sweep the floor
Take out the vacuum and clean a lil' more.
I lay the papers on the balcony floor
Dig out the spray cans that I've used before.
Spray the toy mouse in a yellow hue
Surprised at the things I'm doing for you, cause
Dreams last for as long
As your heart belong
I know you love me
And you'll always see
You were meant for me
And I was meant for you.
I see my watch, it's eight p.m.
You call to say your work's gonna end.
I clean my coke collection as I wait for you
And clear the shelves that's long been due.
We take the top off from the Miata
You look so anxious as you start the car.
Where shall we eat, you ask keenly
Just drive straight and then we'll see.
So we head to Marina and then to town
I'll go anywhere with the car's top down cause
Dreams last for as long
As your heart belong
I know you love me
And you'll always be
Be the one for me
Like I was meant for you.

Yeah... You were meant for me and I was meant for you.

didnt know that you are so good at area cleaning too;) get a maid to do it...so you can spend more time with the loved one...

So sweet!!!!!! *goes all gooey inside*

oh it was just some random and feeble attempt at poetry.


(Deleted comment)
her "foolish games" is great as well.
better, actually, to me.

aei. i was smiling and smiling as i read this post. heheh. so sweet.

i hope u can sing as well as Jewel.

the best part is that, i dont have to.


*dies from sugar overdose*

*orders a coffin*

erm do i need to hire a few construction workers to dig the grave?

*la la*

very very sweet.....and its nice

whoa... i just get the lovey-dovey feeling whenever i hear this song...

certainty is the best band-aid for the soul

(Deleted comment)

One of my favourite songs..

And I fell in love when I heard it for the same time...

Re: One of my favourite songs..

By the way, is the lunch deal still on? haha.. I would like to have a good lunch with you and the doggie in this case..

Or either one of you lah..

I dun have your number.. did not ask for it either.. so you could message me at my MSN(denntit@yahoo.com) or you could get it from people like jie-jie, the speedo guy etc if they still have my numbers..

finally, remember i asked you if that guy in our gym is one of us last night? the tanned fit but very shy guy in the corner. ... aiyoh so gorgeous lah.. ahhahaha

okie.. back to my serious mode.

My favourite song tooo :)


I'm diabetic, you know!
*needs insulin jab!*

(very sweet! so nice!)