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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: First Rant Ends Up Different ::

sometimes the right answer is nought.
what seems to be wrong could be right could be wrong could be right.
could be wrong could be right could be wrong.
one could be the id, the ego or the superego.
tomorrow could come; tomorrow could never come.
sometimes one's happy because one wants so badly to be happy.
that one forgets why one is happy in the first place.
or what makes one truly happy.
or why the need to be happy.
sometimes one runs away because one wants so badly to seek reprieve from reality.
that one forgets what is real in the first place.
or where one started running.
or where one was running to.
one will just run. and run. and run.
if one could turn into what one wishes, there is no heaven.
there is no destination.
it is the end.
so will we only be happy if we're heading towards the end that we can never arrive at?

breathe deep.
time moves forth once more.

Inside daydreams:
there are images, words,
and the shadows of the mind,

Oblivion tastes
like a sweet lime.

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Ok.. you win.. i really do not know what you are writing about..

the way you think is too deep for me...

I only know that how tough the real world is, everyone is moving along and there will be someone making sure you do so as well..

obviously you didn't know that I'm a weremadman.

I thought you were just choosing a new car.... hmm....

There is sweet lime only in our fantasy.

Feel the pain.

continue running.
it could be wrong or right.

but in time,
you'll have forgotten
what oblivion tastes like.

that's precisely the point.

hm. guess you're not the "ignorance is bliss" typa person eh.

i name you.... Dischentment Man!

the root of suffering is desire--but you already knew that.

reality is a choice--but you already knew that.

create, not recreate. be well.

don't worry.
be happy...

*whistles and joins in the singing*

i like bitter sweet lime.

oh well... thats life

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