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(no subject)

:: Decisions, Decisions ::

I think I know the answer.

woo town bee my fav car ! such strong muscular looks slurp !

207cc. if you are going to convert you need a rigid rather than fabric top in Singapore...

you mean there's a 207cc coming up?

go for a HARD TOP :P
soft one simply dun work in SG :P


i need a seven-sided dice...

I've given my two cents worth...

integra type R or the 206cc. Unless you are seriously considering the MX5 which handles brilliantly but the new model just came out

the guru of cars speak.

*in awe*

thanks for the advice.
will seriously consider.

looks like mine is out-dated compared to those above...no wonder u advise me seriously to consider a new one. if we get 2, got good discount?:)

I'd go for the peugeot

forget the 206cc... the build quality is rubbish and there's no room at the back. AT ALL.

the 307cc is a great choice if you have the dosh.

i have a 406 coupe and love it! =)

i heard that the engine's pretty crap as well.
and it's the same price of a 406, but the 406's too roomy.... i've got no kids yet.

Let's make a deal, sweetie

I help you decide, you could repay me back

(i) Get me the same make and model but of different colors

(ii) Offer to send me home everytime we meet in the gym..

What do you think, hunky? *eyelids flutters*

Re: Let's make a deal, sweetie


You mean you're paying?


sgp climate truly doesnt enhance the ride on a convertable. not worth the wind leak noise at high speed if its not gonna be used often enuff. if money is not a major issue ... the integra rocks. set ur eyes on a car that makes ur heart goes .. wow, that is a nice car. go for it. personally the peugeot is really stylish and all, but if u get the convertable, try closing the doors sveral times and u will know what i mean.

what would you get, for under $100k?

tsk tsk.. someone had a change of mind?

change of mind from?

the seventh car still stand strong.

Heh, my choices...

For driving pleasure:
Btw, new MX-5 is coming out hor. ;)

For price/performance and decent drive (but I suspect this is not your buying criteria *lol*):