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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Superheroes ::

I think we are all superheros in one way or the other.

Incidentally, the first one that came to mind is Mr. Fantastic. hee.

Mr Fantastic sure would be fantastic in bed. lol

mmmm... if we are super heroes, what is one the one super "power" that u would like to have?

Erm, contentment?

*la la la*

i want to be invisible man!!!!

hiak hiak hiak....

did someone say something?

i'm adam warlock! heeheehee. .(=

Yes you are.
You're Mr Diesel as well.

*la la la*

I am spiderman, but Im sure you already knew. *shhh*

tat explains why u always disappear for no reasons.... kekekekeke =P

There's a superhero is all of us. Superheroes are actually humans. And I believe in human potential.


So you actually swallow people whole with your ****?


*runs away*

If everyone's super, that means no one's "super" anymore... The Incredibles said that.

Because it's "one way or the other", we are still all superheroes. we are all good at certain aspects only.

And more importantly, most of us do not know that we are, so there are only a few visible superheroes around, and they can then be deemed as super.


(Deleted comment)
So when are you Bananaman?
We need one in may.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Most of us would be AKUA-man.


You only!

*runs away*

I think daredevil i will be :)

You'll be Limpwristy!

*laughs and falls off cushion*

that's the price to pay for touchtyping.

*la la*

What is super hero? Well super hero are only super when they have powers beyond what normal people have. If everyone has super power..what so super about them? Well with great power comes great responsibility too.. don't forget that :)

But we all do. Serious.
It is not that obvious though.
Look at all the superheroes that has come and gone... they're all super in their little sweet ways.


extraordinary powers.

i want to be one too.

With such as lj nick, erm, Astroboy?

leading secret lives and having to put on a mask in front of everyone else.

why, yes :)

Hey this is a fresh take!