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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Day Three ::

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Tempting me with the kimchi... :(

I agree... *resist* *resist*

I love the raw crab kimchi... :(

I just like the various types of plain old fashion kimchi... the stall owner at kopitiam (near art musemum) always let me sample... heh.

I love going to the supermarkets and street markets just to look at the range of kimchi that they stock... In Seoul, that is...

ooh. u teasing me.. i've nvr been to seoul.

Hmmm... I got to go to Seoul on a semi-regular basis... No longer when I move to Shanghai in June though...

i dun know to say "wah - lucky you" or not... heh.

Shanghai? Nah! So polluted and expensive... :(

the variety of kimchi that they sell is incredible!

...can the both of you just post the various kimchi(s) the next them anyone of you go :p

Don't think I have another opportunity soon, unless Korea asks for technical support, but I can dig up some photographs I've taken...

such a hot cute doggie in Korea!
did you use your Bowlingual to communicate with it?

bowlingual only in english.... korean cannot...

oh you managed to see the doggie?
it was hiding under the yellow flowers...

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