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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Limited Edition Giveaways ::

I've got DJ Menga's Limited Edition Mixes to give away.

DJ Menga's Handbag Mix 1 (2 sets)
DJ Menga's Handbag Mix 4
DJ Menga's House Mix 6 (includes Sounds of San Francisco!)

Kindly contact me should you want them.
They're free, of course.

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Can I have the DJ Menga's House Mix 6 please? ;)

I'll pass you the next time we meet.


hee hee! thanks a lot!
I see you're been away on a long trip!
how was it?

it met my expectations.


I would like DJ's House Mix 6! But am overseas... Can you hold it for me? :P

Hi Wildy,
Can i have the DJ Menga's House Mix 6 too but i am overseas now,
Can you hold it for me tooo!!!

why nobody wants the handbag ones...

i also wan i also wan!!!

You already have a handbag... Lay off! :P

how many have u got huh? i want! i want! mix 6.

I want I want I want!! But I very greedy.. I dunno which one to choose from...

Is there a DJ Menga site which can download from? Or bittorrent? Or soulseek?

is dj menga dj doc decadence?

i would love the handbag mix if no one booked it already.


can i have the handbag without the DJ, the Menga, and the Mix?

thanks =D
*teeth shine*

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