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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: Mac Ritchie Treetop Sunday Walk ::

Yes, we actually woke up early on a sunday morning for this.
Yes, we wanted to see the humongous houses on the other end of SICC.
Yes, we wanted to go to the Petai Trail.
Yes, the monkey did not feed the monkeys.
Yes, I smuggled a yam plant home.
Yes, we had an enjoyable time.
Yes, it was the company more than anything else.

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that is an awesome do not feed the monkey sign... :)

your images are well, tastefully done! love it!

Hey, since Google bought Picasa, it's cool!

hey, just wondering if you can tell me how you go about doing up your pic in this format? any specific software?

Try Picasa.
Free as well.
For now./

oh opps... you already 'fessed up! :P

you're always ready to lambast me.

did i take away anything from you?

*la la*

no la... it's just that you're so damn popular... i just want to be one of the hundreds that have already pinched your cheeks...

picasa 2?

hehehe i think they're nicely done too

Yes Picasa 2.
I'm too lazy for anything else.

me use it too but u cant put too many pictures or u cant see shit

very nicely touch up :)

how do i go to the treetop walk...and how long is it so i can plan my day around it....thanks!

Half a day.
Entire day if you intend to get lost in the woods... for whatever.

*la la*

oooo i like outdoor sex....but not at macritchie loh

Picasa 2!! :P

Still, lovely pics...

picasa i see....chay. fer a while i thought people these days still own a polaroid??!!! hahahah

Yes, I might smuggle a cute monkey home:)


Have been wanting to go there but guess no chance as yet. =)

Thats a nice footage of pics!

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