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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: The Astounding She Monster! ::

She wears high heels, tight stockings and spots bushy eye-brows.

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HAHAHA warped shit !

isn't your user pic a magritte painting?

OMFG! :)

Kudos to doggie for that one.

hey really love this poster...
really make She looks so deviously beautiful and powerful.

aiyoh... why u watched such b-grade movie....

*rolls eyes*

reminds me of someone i met on lj today.

wah so scary...the she monster is lurking around us. must be very careful or else she will eat you up!

you still act like a primary kid. *shake head*

Can you open your eyes?
Even if you are very close to itw, i still have to say this.

You have been acting very kiddish-ly. And i never ask itw to keep whatever-ship with me. And i don't know what he said about me behind on this issue with you (because what you wrote sounded like you both have exchanged something), but i finally AM pissed at this second about what you said (not you said you far, but you keep correlating me with SHE Monster).

I really believe you have understood and agreed what we exchanged so far last night. But you are still dragging this on and deliberately mai ren while it is obviously referred to me.

Much as you like keep your small circle like in primary school, i just want to say i am never in.

1. you argue with no reasoning, but just ma ren.
2. you said i am chang qi, but i am slow in english and your reply just kept coming in.
3. you didn't stop but left yet another comment here. What do you mean to say other's mei yuan mei liao while you didn't stop and started again in elsewhere? Can you admit this is a FACT?
4. i didn't do anything over. 1 post 2 comments. same as you.

Can you see the fact that it is you kept using foxtail, bitch, she monster first to describe me last night. My anonymous comment HAS irk you and i didn't have said it plesantly to you that "i thought you know cartoon don't have to include all details" but that is really what i mean. I NEVER INSULT YOU anytime before you have called me one with a foxtail, a bitch, and a she monster that you met. What you expected others to do to end this? To swallow all these? Somemore you are not right in using other ppl's stuff.

For my wrong for speaking sarcastically, impolitely, you can talk to me, directly, like itw did, telling me that i left a comment which you are not happy with, you don't like that and feel offended. I will apologize to you for leaving the anonymous comment that irks you...not because it's left anonymously (i have told you, at that time, i was till hoping my name won't show), but because of the content i left that i convey my meaning in a sarcastic way to you.

But you are very wrong in a step after that you mocked on other people's stuff (guo fu). Somemore without permission. You didn't solve this wisely at the critical time, and hold this anger and bitch people afterwards.

All that you do after deleting the comment is bitching irrationally on me while right is on my side. You kept having new descriptions on me which are merely for insulting and releasing your anger. "see how scary she is", "...woman..."...etc

You REALLY can tell me i went way too far in the 1st comment. What do you want to prove afterwards, attacking but without to the point? There is never a single comment from you that you can talk about the issue calmly and request for the apology. By the time you brought your unhappiness of being offended again, you wrapped in heavy words like sneaky, foxtail already. You never can get to the point for asking an apology without emotional stirring and personal attack.

What do you want to prove afterwards when you keep coming back to this issue if you never raise your request, calmly, emotionlessly and unbiasedly? I was called, here and there, this and that after that already, which makes me on one side, have to prove the following (defend) and on the other side don't feel like apologizing for the 1st comment because you kept attacking me irrationally.

I just want to prove
- i am not wrong in the disliking of my stuff being used,
- i am not wrong in letting you know about my disliking of your using of my stuff,
- i am not happy and don't deserve the heavy words used on me because i am not wrong

- i didn't do wrong to post comment and make my 1 post if i thought the issue is release but i was still bitched.

You didn't choose to settle the issue of your unhappiness about my comment, then, you reserve no right to drag this along on other things simply with me, even if it has nothing to with that anonymous comment.

you wrote: reminds me of someone i met on lj today.
Should it be fairer if i wrote: i was recalled with one i didn't know with a wig, fake boobs, and lens.

ok. i need one more post to make it draws.

...if it is you still keep this going on and on first?

We could have it solved, sharp, quick, fast, after you agreed with me about the using of stuff, and i have clarified those you bitched about me, the heavy words you used that i didn't till last night.

But after i thought it's all over after your "me too", you still continue to go on and on with this.

What do you expect others to do while you said others are "lurking around you both" and you yourself are going on and on elsewhere? Not even having pleasant words about the person in this "go on and on" stage. Couldn't it be just released after solved?

Somemore, i didn't do 1 single step further. You are not evening arguing like the way an adult will talk, who argue with facts and points mostly.

I am really so sorry to know itw has a friend like you. Even if he likes you very much. You went way too far.

You can keep on doing your primary-5 act of "hey, see her this... and that", like what we will only do to form those circle in primary school.

I WANT TO EMPHASIZE that, if you want to release this issue, keep your eyes open and understand the above rationale before you go on with this.

about what you wrote on your blog (the second post), i have read.

I am sorry that i really do think it has the hidden meaning in the 4-finger comment. That is why there is the sarcastic comment.

This is something i really only know by now that you do have that meaning.

But i haven't given the chances. Chances should be given to both of us after the "me too" comment. If chances were really given TO ME, the issue should not have brought up again anywhere else as i believe.

I haven't attacked after the first comment. Instead, i see i have been the one defending afterwards...i have become the passive follower in the whole issue.

But as you haven't approach me just calmly for the first comment, i didn't know how you feel, but was all distracted by your irrational heavy words on me afterwards.

If you say it to me you are hurt and you didn't mean it in the 4-finger comment, i will apolgize.

Basically, this can be solved in just 4 comments, back and forth, why have to make the case like this.

i was recalled with one i didn't know with a wig, fake boobs, and lens.

ok. i need one more post to make it draws.

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