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:: New Words on a Saturday Night ::

The true story of the friendship between a German boy and an elephant named Modoc.
The boy, Bramm, and Modoc were born on the same night in 1902, and both grew up as performers
in the same traveling circus. Some of their adventures together include surviving a shipwreck,
and stardom as members of the Ringling Brothers show.

A hysteria among Eskimos characterized by excitement and sometimes by mania,
usually followed by depression, and occurring chiefly in winter
and usually to women.

A very large wine bottle holding the equivalent of 20 normal bottles of wine;
used especially for display.

Cartophily is defined as the hobby of collecting cigarette cards.
Cigarette cards are collectable cards which were given away with cigarettes.

In pale, with the head in chief;
-- said of the figure of a fish, as if rising for air.


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