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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: Wildy ::

Much attention to the details.
With the little clues scattered all over.
Thanks [Bad username: ????????]

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must include bloodclot on 3rd toenail on right foot.

how come only 4 fingers and 4 toes? not 5 each? weird...

as he said, much attention to the details.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
it is 出 類 拔 .

if you really want to make fun out of this seriously.

and, you are in fact taking and broadcasting other ppl's original work without other's permission.

since you 'buay song' abt it! I delete lor.

If not ppl will sue me for infringement of copyright!

When I comment on lj, I do it 光明磊落, not like some ppl 鬼鬼祟祟 comment to me anonymously!

-> When I comment on lj, I do it 光明磊落, not like some ppl 鬼鬼祟祟 comment to me anonymously!

because i don't want my name to appear on this post. that's why, and that's it. it has nothing to do with gui chong or not.

and i don't have to comment the way that you are used to to suit you.

it is very unwise to just copy other ppl's stuff
1. if it is not that the person gave it to you
2. you haven't given the person the credit or
3. simply asked the person for permission of posting.

not everyone like to have other unwanted/unnecessary attention directed to his/her own blog. It is "friend's friends" i am referring to.

it doesn't matter how i make fun out of the b/w image that i draw, unless the person himself raised any objection to the action. And that, you take this as the reason for why the b/w image is special in a jokingly way. It doesn't matter how you joke about the cartoon posted in this post, but not via another image simply has nothing to do with you, somemore you just take it without fitting #1, #2, or #3 above from my blog.

i make no accusation of you. All that i say above are in neutral tone, no overtone, and nothing untrue.

And, you really have made the mistake in the chinese word. I didn't find i am impolite to pick it out IF you are making fun of my black/white image using my colored image, plus the keywords i used. All that you based upon are from me. Sorry, if it offends, but it's 100% true. You can make other comment 100% original out of yourself. Then, there wouldn't occur this matter.

Well but even you don't have that chinese word mistake, i will still let you know my disliking of your using of my colored pic.

Please rethink what you also have done before you make some sentence like XXX!! So should i.

tsk, tsk, tsk...wildy, see what i ve told you...women cannot be offended...they will haunt u like a ghost! scary man! anyway i told you i ve let her win the battle cos she just a woman!

-> because i don't want my name to appear on this post. that's why, and that's it. it has nothing to do with gui chong or not.

btw, so now you admit that you are the anonymous one that comment offensively back to me...i didnt know foxtail are that easily to lure out.

i had never try to let you have a false belief in that there is another person commenting on your 4-finger theory.

whatever you like to call me. i don't even think i have to retaliate by addressing you any other way, other than human being.

1. because i didn't take this personal to you
2. i am just standing on what i think is my right.

why u like that? need any help? hope u can sleep well tonite. hehehe

because ni simply zai ma ren.

i don't see why i have to remain silent for yi ge mei you dao li, you yao ma ren de ren.

for you another comment commenting me being "chang qi", i have explained why, just that you didn't read it.

the reason is, as mentioned, that i need time to write in english.

u wanna scold me or not thru phone? i can give u my phone #...see u writing so much must be tired. use mouth lah.

i don't. i have finished with what i have to clarify.

i am not scolding you.

same to you, i just couldn't stop at accusation about me i cannot agree with.

btw, miss out something on your so called '4-finger theory'... it doesn't matter on how i ve commented and i ve my right to comment. as long as the person of this '4 finger' pic that you are drawing, even if you didnt draw any finger at all, he will still be contented and happy on how you ve drew it if he likes your creative drawing.

you are just unhappy with what i said, but you didn't really think thoroughly if you are entirely on the right side.

in other words, you are feeling angry because you felt verbally attacked, not really because 理在你方,但你被人說.

whatever you like to call me, you just reflect what a person you are. It doesn't reflect what a person i am.

btw, i didn't mei yuan mei liao, i just need to take time in typing in english, then your another "see wildy" reply come already.

i am not writing to you, meant to "win the battle" (the way you called it). i just didn't see why you can take other ppl's stuff like that, and it seems you didn't see if you have any problem in the whole thing.

and your 光明磊落 / 鬼鬼祟祟 is just groundless. And unrelated to your using of the colored image previously. You just make this "accusation", groundlessly, just because you are angry, not even you are on the right side.

that's what i mean.

aiyah, i say i let u win already...wat else u still want? why u so 长气?

OK all have scrambled eggs then. :D

look abit like mr. brown leh ...

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