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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

:: From B ::

I have put a cork on this issue.
But B sent me a series of SMSes.
After I passed him fifty dollars and twenty one pages of comments, letters and good advice.
To those who cared.

This is from B to all of you who bothered.

"Thanks for the article... I finish studyin it... of course i do agree with some and don with some... some r just too hard to understand... by de way help me to thank thomas (eviltaru) for sharin his experience and do tell everyone who wrote to u a respond tat i will still continue to study but in a more special way... and when i reach my dream destination which is nafa... u will notify them... de articles are touchin but i am determined on walkin my path i choose... don be worry or disappointed... i set my determination on my tis dream... and i will never regret... never ever... i will one day walk out of nafa with my head high... that day will come... and i say this with confidant... no matter wat obstacle come... i will defeat it... thanks for those who wrote on de article and esp thomas and u... please write all this on de lj... and hopefully i would like to c their comments on wat i wrote... oh yah one more thing... i do remember wat u say at de swimmin pool... i also understand that life withou qualification in nothin... and that to lead a comfortable life in de future... a degree is necessary... haha... i find tat my english improve... haha"

I am glad I spent some time with him in my car.
I reminded him that I am prepared, at any time, to sponsor his N & O levels.
I will also sponsor his NAFA fees.
But B will have to prove it to me by arriving at that juncture himself, on his own accord.
I will be waiting there.

And once again, on behalf of B, thank you.
The lines you all pen down has the power to inspire.

*Please, if you want to, comment here and I will pass it to B*

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Hi B,

Good luck on your journey of self discovery. Its not unconventional,many people have walked down similar paths and turned out great. Its the path you chose and its the path that you and only you can take and walk. All the best in reaching your destination that you set yourself, knowing that there are people who care for you and are rooting for you.


你有個好老哥﹐ 要感恩。


一起加油吧﹗頑張ってね ﹗﹗

Well i guess since you have already decided on the path that you want to take i would say Just do it. Frankly, at 24 i don't think that i'm old or mature enough to tell you if you have made the right decision a not, cause i'm not even sure about mine. But i would like to share with you something.
I was from the normal stream when i'm in secondary, at that point of time i was really being look down by my relatives... i would say even my parents were not that happy about it cause both my brother were from the express stream. However, during the "o" level i did really well, as i was pretty much determine in not going to get into ITE.(no offence to ITE student)
My result was good enough to get me into JC as well but i've chose to go poly instead. Its only when i'm in ns then i realise that even with a diploma in singapore it won't get u far cause you would need a degree.Did i ever regret in not going JC? I can say i never did. Cause its a decision i've made. But towards my ORD i told my parent and brother that i wanted to go oversea studies...they supported me...not that i'm from the rich family or anything cause my dad have to withdraw from CPF in order to send me here in Australia.

The point being..once you have determine on the path that you would want to take, just do it .Even when the path lead you no where... don't ever give up hope yet. Cause your family and especially your brother will always be there to support you in any ways.

Sorry i'm not that profound to impart you some chim knowledge...
See ya
from Australia Queensland


We all choose our own paths, and there are many different types and ways of learning about life and what we want out of it.

If you're serious about pushing yourself, then one day you'll reach the limits of what you can achieve and you'll be ready to go back to school and finish what you've started.

Not because everyone else says so, or because you think "life withou qualification in nothin" (not true!!) but because you will then understand the purpose of school and how it will help you achieve your goals in life.

Wish ya all the best (and your English is much, much better than my Mandarin). =)

you're an amazing brother.


some bits for ur bro:

Its fantastic that you've a brother who cares so much for you. Ultimately, its your path to choose. No matter which it is, u have to push forward to get to a destination, to explore new ground, to find your road in the grand scheme of things. Keep walking, and more importantly, keep learning. I'm sure u'll be able to make your dream come true. And I'm sure your brother will be there celebrating with you when you get there.

To B:

One day when you've arrived at your dream, you'll realise that you've worked so hard to get where you are and completed it based on your hard work, determination and support from the people around you who love and care for you.
Till then, the road is long and the goings won't be a smooth one but know that as long as you keep your dream in mind, the world around you will conspire with you to get your dream.

Cheers and never give up.

i dunno why but life of an arts student is never smooth. maybe im just being subjective.
i used to say the things B said, and I've yet to reach.

there will always be more than one junction i guess.
when B grows up, things will be different.

now everything is just volatile.

to B,
rem wat you said. in case in any events you broke your promise, think of the heartache you will be sending out, again.

Believe in yourself.
Whatever you do. Be it and Live it.

ta dong bu dong kan zhong wen?

it's far from over, we all know that.

but it's been quite inspiring so far. hope B keeps it up. all the best to you, B!


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