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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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:: XP Desktop ::

Okay, okay, back to studies.

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XP Desktop? But it has an Apple Dock right at the bottom...


it's called Object Dock, a variation of the Apple Dock, for Windows users.


Nice... Totally Mac-ish... You might as well get a Mac. Heh.

That's the point doh.
I don't have to fork out for $$$ for a Mac.

Oh come on! Its not THAT expensive to get a Mac! In fact, I think its more value for money than Dell.

I agree, Mac's are soooo worth it! They're so much sexier too, hehe. :D

awww, I'd help ya if only I weren't a starving college student. :(

speaking of starving, I miss singaporean food. :_(

Aiyah now Mac(mini) so cheap! :P

Really nice though...

BTW you're studying something?

OK, its *only* a matter of time before you switch to the real thing - the Mac. Think of it this way. Your desktop background won't be the only thing that's white. Damn, the whole machine's white. :)

Come on! The Mac mini is not that expensive, although expansion options are limited... Even the base model of the G5 Tower is less than $3k...

i want to say that i also have the vials you showed in userinfo. haha. seems they are selling more or less the same pattern over there (i have seen 6).

have you received the address?

OMG i have the same wall paper

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