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::Put A Cork On It ::

So we were discussing it again this evening.
How were corks put into the bottles of Clicquots?
f_o_c recalled his bluff to temanbaik that the corks are frozen before they were inserted into the bottle.
I begged to differ, but I could not offer any solution on the spot.
So before the next wine appreciation gathering I offer the solution, for posterity's sake.

There's actually something called a cork machine.

Choosing and Using a Corker

There are several types of corkers available.
We highly recommend a floor corker with jaws that compress the cork like an iris.
Other corkers (twin lever, single lever, and compression corkers) rely on human muscles to compress the cork and push it into the bottles.
Iris jaw floor corkers, while more expensive, use simple levers and mechanical advantage to carefully compress the corks and insert them precisely into the bottles.
Also, they hold the bottles steady in a spring-Ioaded base. They are really worth the extra money.
After the corks have been inserted into the bottles it's a good idea to dry the top of the cork off with a cloth.
This will prevent any moisture there from forming mould on the top of the cork.
While a spot of mould on the top of the cork wouldn't hurt your wine, it does look unpleasant.


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